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Seven Years

So here we are. Seven years of living with a Spinal Cord Injury. Surviving it. Doing it.

August 8th, 2011. Less than two months after our wedding.

Jimmy was injured -- almost killed -- in a car accident while in a work vehicle.

I left our apartment just after him and would eventually be stuck in the traffic from his accident. We worked at the same TV station and were both working the evening shift, that day.

A phone call my from co-worker alerted me of the incident just as I started to see brake-lights just ahead. Later, a call telling me they were life-flighting him.

Working in news, I knew this was no good.

It was bad. But just how bad? I just sat there, in my car, talking to a few people, trying to make sense of what was happening; gathering information from our newsroom as they were getting it from officials or hearing it come across the scanner. Contemplating driving on the shoulder to get to him. How far ahead of me was he? I couldn't be sure. I was trembling. I wasn't…

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