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The One With The Renovations

What a whirlwind of happenings lately since my last post.. shew! 
Our home renovations are almost complete. There is a dwindling list of items that needs to be done, but we're in pretty good shape for the most part.  It's pretty remarkable how far this house has come. Let me tell you... white pant is MAGIC and can change your life. Well it did mine, because color is the devil. This house had a lot of wood paneling. A lot a lot. It was plentiful and smacked you in the face when you walked in. At first, we discussed covering it all with drywall. After some time, I thought maybe painting the wood paneling white would keep some of the character of the house, and save on some $. It truly did, on both accounts. I'm very happy with this decision. I love our white paneling. It's precious. 
Renovations are tricky and stressful. But living through renovations was absolutely unnerving. We made the hard decision to move out of our Downtown Decatur condo and move in our before the…

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