Thursday, December 31, 2009

Clean Slate

A New Year.

If nothing else, 2009 tested our strength and built character. Thinking about it, I just exhale from exhaustion.

A New Year.

I need a clean slate. Don't we all? Start fresh and get-up-and-go. Some new found energy.

A New Year.

A new city, a new job and a new chapter in my now three year relationship with my buddy, my boyfriend.

A New Year.

This WILL be the year I get my finances in order, dammit.

A New Year.

Oh yeah, eating healthy and losing weight and all that jazz. I really need to get moving.

A New Year.

On a completely different note, I want to cook more. I want make more meals. On my days off that is what I shall do. Experimenting more in the kitchen.

A New Year.

I am completely excited and enthralled to see what my friend's beautiful children will do and how they will grow this year. I love being an auntie. And could we add to the family this year? Time will tell.

No not me, silly.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missing Myrtle

Since I'm leaving Myrtle Beach, again, I thought I'd pay homage to my homeland.


So here goes.

#10 The Weather.
Flip flops and tank tops. No snow (for the most part) and breezy beach weather. There's something to be said for living in the south and soaking up the sun. Even the winters are mild. Snow is a huge deal, because it rarely falls. Hurricanes - yes, scary. But the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to our forecast.

#9 The Ease of Travel.
It's very easy to get around in Myrtle Beach. No big city stress of interstates. The only headache is traffic, but there are shortcuts. It was so nice.

#8 No blue laws!
Oh yes, something I'm hating on Sundays, being I live in Greenville County, and not in the city limits. I should be able to buy wine whenever, and wherever I want. Period. This is a God given right. This is the downside of living in deep bible-belt country. In MB - we could walk to get alcohol, and now, it's a little bit of a drive. Boo to Blue Laws! And for that matter, things opening late and closing early on Sunday - double boo!

#7 The People.
Myrtle Beach is a good melting pot of people. Retired folks, northern folks who've migrated south, southern folks, tourists from all over the country and the world. You name it. I've run into some pretty interesting folks along the way.

#6 Myrtle Square Mall.
It was THEE place to be. My favorite thing at the mall was the gi-NORMOUS overhead clock that was - in my eyes - a work of art. It was just so cool. Over the years, that iconic mall turned desolate, the tumbleweed rolled through and it was eventually leveled. Why? So they could build a much bigger, newer mall right down the road, much to my dismay. The flattened piece of land is still vacant.

#5. The South End.
It's not Myrtle Beach technically, but it's still part of my home. So with that said, I will miss the sleepy Murrells Inlet-Surfside-Garden City-Pawleys Island-Litchfield area. When you drive to the south end of the Grand Strand, there a peaceful beachy feeeling that takes you over. It's a 10-15 minute drive away from home and a a low key night out, if nothing else. The food tastes better there, and the air is saltier. Just relaxing place to be and the further south you drive, the better.

#4 WPDE.
When I was in high school, I remember being called to SHS auditorum to hear Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski talk to us about the work he does as a forecaster, and weather in general. I also still have a TV 15 book club certificate stashed away somewhere. Then it was several years later when they offered me my first job in broadcasting, out of college. And I spent six years of my life working at that station. Working there has made me a better person, a decent producer and certainly given me strong work ethic. I have met some amazing people at that station, whom I'll never forget.

#3 The Pavilion.
Remember I grew up when the Pavilion was prime. It was our hangout, and it was where we spent our allowance. Tickets used to be like $0.50 and you were lucky when you had time, and could garner enough cash from mom and dad for an ALL DAY WRISTBAND. Unfortunately, time has gotten the best of the Pavilion. It's closed and is nothing but a flatten plot of land. In it's last years was not what it used to be. But I was very lucky to be able to attend "The Last Ride," it's final day of operations.

#2. The Ocean.
There's nothing like it.
The waves crashing, the ocean air... and the way the sand feels on the bottom of your feet. There is nothing like it. I never have take for granted living a few miles from the ocean. Winter or summer, I made my way there. Whether it was to clear my head or to just take a few deep breaths. It's possibly the best place in the world. I alway loved finding the little beach access points that were not tourist hot spots. It can be done.

#1. My Family.
When I was three and living in Youngstown, OH, my mother and my father divorced. It was then, my mother and her brave soul, put me and by big brother Gary, in the back of her car, and drove us to our new home, Myrtle Beach. My mom loved to take us to the beach on the weekends, and like every other day during summer break. Myrtle Beach looked very different back then. You could sit on the beach, look behind you and see only a few hotels and beach shacks. It's the old time Myrtle Beach that I remember. The beach, a few restaurants.. of course the Pavilion, and not much else. This place, even though it's become pretty much tourist trap, still has some charm to it. And it's my home. It feels like home. My family has built a foundation here. And even thought only half my family is here, the other half visits a lot. Which I love. I will miss my family. But I get to come "home" and my family will still be here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Going Green

I need to mark this occasion. I'm moving back to the upstate. Although, we can all agree - Greenwood is not Greenville (see above for confirmation).

We've got a cute little three bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city - each one has a walk-in closet. We have a balcony, with more storage!

Can you tell I'm excited about extra space?

Okay, really - it's a big change. No more beach, but now mountains are a glance away. It's a trade-off, I believe.

A career advance comes along with the move.

It's all so exciting, but scary.

I've packed the living room and the kitchen in one day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall falls upon us

There's something about the cool air and warm cider. (Sound like a post card? )

Jeans, turtlenecks and scarves. (Maybe a poem?)

The smell of when the heat kicks on for the first time in months. (Unless it catches fire.)

The leaves changing colors. (Sure makes long car rides more bearable.)

Halloween brings the fright, and the goobers get their candy. (Baby costume aisle is the best.)

Now for some new boots. Black, maybe brown. Flats this year.

I still can't find the perfect pair of jeans.

It's the time of year - before things get too cold, too dark, too miserable.

It's fall.

My favorite season.

But beware: winter looms.
Get ready for the staticky hair, and clingy clothes.

Get ready for the Christmas commercials months too early. (Like the snowman who melts.. "The weather outside is frightful"... and the Hershey kisses doubling as chimes.)

Get ready for frost on your windsheild.

And the grass to hide it's green.

The hot cocoa aisle loses stock in a snap.

Turkey, oh the turkey.

Make a list, check it twice.

Sales here, discounts there.

Candy canes come out of the woodwork.

Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and bows.

The day after Christmas is always so depressing. (Was as a kid, and still is.)

All that's left is New Years.

Another year gone, another to come.

Time flies when you're at work writing a blog about fall.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years Ago

It was eight years ago, today, when I was attending classes at Lander University. I was sitting in a women's literature class. My professer was very stern, very down-to-business. Anyone who took her classes, knew she was tough. I got a C in that class, and was happy with it.
On that day, September 11, 2001 - I was sitting there. Class had just started.

We were learning about some feminist poet when my teacher heard some commotion. She looked down over the banister a few stories, down to the atrium in that building.

There was a big group of people surround the TV down there.

Finally, she caught wind of what was going on. A look of fear, horror came over her face. Just like that - she blew off class. What the hell was going on? Did she really just cancel class? This must be major.

It was.

On the way into class, I remember listening to the radio. A normally-chipper morning radio host seemed saddened - the mood was melodramatic. She spoke of a plane crash. That's all I could remember. I was so concentrated on not getting there after this woman closed the door.

After she dismissed class, I didn't go down to the atrium. But, I did hear someone talk about what had happened. I want wanted to go home to see it for myself.

As I was in the campus parking lot making my way to the car, I recall this idiot of a girl making fun of the whole situation. Saying things like "Oh look out - a plane is going to fall on us!" And then laughed in a very evil, fucked-up tone. She actually ended up being a sorority sister of mine. Never a big fan. I just now removed her from my Facebook friends because thinking about her doing that, made me sick to my stomach all over again. Granted, she probably didn't realize the magnitude of the situation at that given moment. But still - no longer friends.

I clearly don't hold grudges.

I got home and my roommate was already on the couch just engulfed in the coverage. She was crying and I called my mom. She was crying.

It all unfolded before us.

The people running from the tsunami of debris, the sut.. the people holding up signs of their loved ones - hoping, praying for a miracle. Those images will be etched in my head forever.

It was was bigger than Pearl Harbor in terms of people killed. And until someone said it in those words, I couldn't consume just how many good-blooded Americans were lost.

It's the biggest tragedy I will probably live through.

At least, I hope.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big City Gal?

I'm wondering where I should go.

I'm feeling adventurous and I think I'm ready to try something new.

Here's where I've been so far:
Born: Youngstown, OH
Lived there until I was about three. Don't remember much of it. Couldn't get around if I tried.
Raised: Myrtle Beach, SC
Lived here since.
College: Greenwood, SC
Went real far, didn't I?

So maybe that's why I feel the need to get out of the 843/864 area codes.

It's all I've known.

So what's next? Where should I go? Am I destined for a big city? The beach? Or some place with a big-city feel that isn't that huge.

Oh the options.

Coffee and pastries with cool weather. That's what I want.
So maybe Paris? :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

When the head hits the pillow

I'm not sure how it's done: Two people living together with opposite schedules.

I wake up beat, my eyes are blood shot and I float throughout the day feeling just oh-so-tired.

Here's what is happening:

Jimmy has a semi-normal work schedule. He usually wakes up around 8 or so. Gets off at 6, 7 or so.

Me? I work at 2pm and get off at midnight. I don't fall asleep until well after 1, sometimes 2am.

In the morning: Jimmy's eye's will open around 7am - no matter what. (This is why he stocks up on sleeping pills when we're on vacation.)

This is my prime sleeping time. Deep, deep sleeping. Probably when you'll catch me snoring.


Have you ever heard the sound of a blackberry trackball cut through silence? I have.

It's what I hear most mornings well before I'm ready to get up. He's checking e-mails, texts, getting caught up on the overnight headlines and what his assignments are for the day.

Then he gets up, pees (etc.), showers, dresses. In comes the strong smell of cologne, and the sound of lotion going on. It's normal in-the-morning stuff that I would probably be doing as well.

But I'm a light sleeper. So when I fall back asleep - which is not easy for me to do - and start falling back to sleepy-sleep land, the smallest sound wakes me back up. It's just so... ahhh! I literally wake up pissed off.

I treasure my sleep and need a lot of it.

It's not like he's doing anything wrong, so I can't get mad at him... this time.

So I'm currently looking for a solution to this problem.

How do people handle this? Do I need to get back in the habit of taking my melatonin like I did when I worked the overnight shift? Will that make me sleep in too late? Do I need to consider sleeping in another room? That seems extreme.

But maybe I'll try getting to bed earlier?

We'll give that a go.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The big 2-8

I'm 28 now. It's a big number. So big, that everyone likes to just round up to 30. But it really doesn't bother me. Many people say.. "You're just a baby" or I get the "You're so old! You're pushing 30!"

Either way I get to hear from lots of people I don't normally talk to and it's nice.

I worked on my birthday - which I haven't done in a really long time. I always take my birthday off. Always. I didn't this year because I took a vacation the week prior and didn't want to ask for another day off. I find it depressing to have be sitting at my desk. However, this year, I switched shifts, so the the change up helped things be not so depressing. I also got some fun treats at work - inlcuding a loaf of blueberry banana bread, a whole dish of yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing (which I think is my new favorite cake combination), some cards, and a lotion-bath gel set.

It actually made for a very good day.

It wasn't until the last few minutes at work someone successfully put me in a bad mood and I cried. I actually cried in my car leaving work. Good going, reporter who pissed me off ON my birthday. Hope you slept well.

After that, a cheery talk to mom on the way home helped.

Then I got home.

Jimmy was on the couch watching soccer with no dinner being prepared. I then realized birthdays aren't what they used to be as you get older - especially when you blow your bank on said vacation and have none left to spend on your loving girlfriend until next glorious paycheck arrives. I ended up driving us to Arby's - I wanted to "eat out." We sat in front of the TV and watched Mad Men season one, disc one while sharing curly fries and beef and cheddar. That part was actually fun. And I'm not just saying that in the off-chance James Walter Moore, Jr. reads this post.

Red wine... roast beef... 28.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last week - it's a wrap.

Last week - it was a traumatizing one.

First - the news of Jon & Kate divorcing. I know compared to some of the other things that happened later in the week, it seems like a comedy... but I'm still affected.
The death of Ed McMahon was just the beginning.
Then Farrah Fawcett. I watched The View just hours before she died. On the show Barbara Walters said she was in her final hours. That prepared me a little more.

Then the big one - Michael Jackson's death.

We were waiting for that "3rd" one - celebrity deaths always happens in threes. But damn, wasn't expecting death when the news broke that he had been rushed to the hospital. Thanks to for breaking that one. Who knew?

The news broke everywhere that he died during our 6pm newscast. I was in the newsroom scrambling to get the story together for the lead of our 7pm newscast.

But here's the moment I realized it was more than just work, more thank just news: Our Florence reporter, Tonya, called my extention moments after we sent out our breaking news text alert. With a raspy, cracked voice - she said, "Jaimie, is it true? Is Michael Jackson dead?" I said, "Yes, Tonya, it is true." She started crying. She was crying so hard, she had to hang up. There in the midst of a busy newsroom, it hit me just how big and global this was. I started shaking and everything that had happened - from the whole week - finally caught up with me.

Legends were lost. It was quite a week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bacon Pants: Two Worlds Collide

I like to dry my pants over the chairs in the dining room so they won't shrink. I do this all the time. No dryer for my pants. The other day, I went downstairs grabbed my pants for work and went about getting ready. Finished getting dressed, watched some Food Network, did my hair, did my make-up - off to work!

I'm in my car - it's small, very compact - all of a sudden I smell, what I think is the aftermath of stagnant fried up something in the house. I'm like crap. My sweater has been soaking up the smells from our stove. I can take it off later. I get to work, and I swear this smell gets worse. What the F! I'm smelling my sweater to find the source. No burned pan meat smell. Then I figure it out - it's my pants.

I called my lovely carnivore boyfriend, and said, "Did you cook something last night? In the house? My pants smell. "

Jimmy: Bacon.
Me: My pants smell like bacon. I'm getting sick from it.
Jimmy: Don't be mean.
Me: Sorry, but my pants smell like bacon, and I'm stuck in these pants for the rest of the night at work.

I grab lotion and spray.. and try to prevent my deskmate, Tim, from smelling the deep-fried aroma coming from my desk. It wasn't the good bacon-in-the-morning smell either. It was the maybe-we-should-have-cleaned-the-pan-before-making-this-last-batch, bacon.

I guess the fried meat smell comes with living with a boy who loves -- well fried meats. The price you pay for L-O-V-E.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Now I'm a complainer.

I've become a complainer. Always something to bitch about at work. Always. Someone's not doing enough, another person is too doing too much to cover up for someone's frickin' laziness, and no one seems to care.

Somone gets laid off - more work for me.
Someone calls in sick - god ***mit. Are they really sick or taking this opportunity to call in because the boss lady happens to be on vacation?
Someone cashes in on their fucking eight weeks of vacation -Maybe we should of thought of this before we laid off half the staff. Who's gonna pick up the slack? It's not rocket science.
Someone is bitching about having to help somone else out - For the love of Pete. Do it. Shut up.

My stress level at work is at about 200%. That's compared to a year ago when it was 95%... when we had a staff of double what it is now. There weren't so many things that YOU were repsonsible for. The workload was split up. There are so many things to remember now.

Check the faxes.
Check the voicemail.
Find news/do the show. (The majority of the work)
Double and triple check your show.
Do your reports.
Make sure you mention the website enough - then document it.
Do the stories for the website. Wait around for someone to check the copy. Post the web stories on a frickin 1998 web style system that takes forever. It's guaranteed that you will be at work another 30 minutes if there are a lot of new stories to post.
Check the fax machine again.
Check newsroom email account.
Check wires.
Check national/regional feed.
Blink - you're getting another damn headache.
Get up and walk around. You're body hurts from the non-stop sitting and typing.
Drink some water.
Start over.
It's exhausting.

I've learned you HAVE to complain. You have to. There are higher expectations now of the ones that are left. You have to step up your game. And if you don't... I will fucking cuss outloud about it - at least when HR isn't around.

This dwindling economy is no doubt taking a toll on our mental and physical health. Stress levels are high and tempers, boy do they flare.

When it comes down to it, I'm very grateful to have a job. I sometimes hate myself for bitching under my breath, to others. So many people don't have work right now and would take any sort of a job. And I know mine could go - poof - like that.

So - bitch as I may, I know I'm very lucky. I have a income that helps me to pay my bills.

But GOD. There better not be any bullshit at work today.

By the way - my first eye exam is in the near future. The headaches at work are becoming more consistent.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Golden Moments

The Golden Girls.

They were so comical, so witty, so... hungry.
They were always eating cheesecake or some sort of dessert around the kitchen table. I always want coffee and cake when I watch this show. But more importantly, they all the time in the world to sit around and do just that - eat cake.
Is that what retirement is? Wouldn't that be just delightful!? Only like 80 more years to go - who retires at 65 anymore?
I think I will be one of those old ladies who gardens. With all the accessories.. including the little stool and cute flowered gloves and of course a sun hat. Then morning coffee in the 'sunroom' while I look at my progress and talk about what I want to do next. Is it sad? I can't tell.
Ahh, Golden moments.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What did you eat today?

On random nights, before we fell asleep, I used to ask one of my college roommates Amy everything she ate that particular day. She played along from the top bunk (God bless her) and listed off what she ate. Then I would go.

At that time, I think I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine (or something similar) and had come across an article on 'Tips for Losing Weight.' Keeping a journal of your daily eats was a 'tip.' It was supposed to show just how much extra snacking you were doing, etc. And wasn't that everyone's goal in college? To be ultra skinny? I fit in things then that I still have - but can't believe I once got into. Back then I felt fat, huge. Never satisfied, I suppose.

Listing it out loud, I felt like a freakin' piggie.

I still try to think about it at the end of each day. Did I do good or bad?

Here's what I ate/drank today:
A piece of peanut butter (reduced fat/all-nautural) and jelly (sugar free) whole wheat toast.

Grilled chicken wrap from Sonic with light ranch.

2 Diet Sunkists (Bought one, two came out!)

Walnuts and Raisins
Light string cheese

Brown rice with peas (on a budget this week - and already spent $ on lunch)

Dessert/After dinner snack:
Low carb vanilla yogurt with oatmeal, almonds, and ground flax seed.

Late, late night snack:
One small slice of pork tenderloin
One piece of whole wheat toast with whipped cream cheese.

Not bad. You can tell I got hungy when I got home from work half past midnight, though.
Clearly, I'm trying to eat healthy. Otherwise this list would have on it "piece of giant cookie" - which was sitting on my counter when I got home taunting me. I didn't eat it! That was a huge test.. and I passed. Not cool, though. We can't have that stuff just laying around. It's dangerous.
Definitely trying to detox a bit after the Memorial Day crap I ate over the weekend.
So that's it Amy, we can go to sleep now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


There once was a lady named Justine. Justine lived in Myrtle Beach and was a big fan of NewsChannel 15. She liked to come by on Thursdays to sit back in the weather center during the 6pm and 7pm shows to just watch Ed do weather.

She was sort of a lonely woman. She was in her late 60's, I believe. She had kids, but was estranged from, what I'm told, three out of four of them. The daughter she did speak with just had a baby - Justine was very excited about this. Justine didn't have family in the Myrtle Beach; I believe she was from the Boston area. She liked to visit our station to talk and ask everyone how they were. She always brought by cookies. The kind from Food Lion with the icing on top. She had really strong perfume. It nauseated some folks in the building. But, I'm sure my Nana had the same kind, so when others were putting up a big fuss I was taking some kind of comfort in the strong grandmotherly smell.

We found out last week that Justine passed away in her sleep. The coroner said natural causes. She had several routines - like coming to the station. Then on Friday nights she would go dancing with a big group of people. One of those people called the station late Friday night trying to figure out where she was.. she didn't show up for dancing. I asked my assistant news director to explain to this person what happened - I didn't have it in me to do it. This woman, it seemed like was outside of the nightclub waiting on her friend, Justine.

Justine was a nice part of the NewsChannel 15 family. She'll be remembered for the perfume she wore - we knew she was in the building before she came to say hello. But she just wanted to have someone to visit. I can sit here and try to figure out why she was estranged from the majority of her children, but when it comes down it - she was a nice lady who meant well. And I appreciate that and never really got to tell her.

Her grandbaby will never have that chance to recall memories of her - when scents of her childhood fill the room.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does this make me a Trekkie?

Ahhh - dicted. I cannot stop talking about this movie. I've found myself Googling images of old characters to see how the new guys match them and Netflixing all things Star Trek.

Wasn't expected this at all. Very few movies get me inspired like this.

The first five minutes of the movie, they clearly tried their hardest to hook in the 'on-the-fence devoted wives/girlfriends' who weren't expecting much. And boy did they. Before the words Star Trek went up - I was in tears. That's right.. crying during Star Trek. Doesn't mean I'm going to get Star Trek checks or anything, but I really want to see the movies now.

A few words about the main character of this movie - Chris Pine - who plays Capt. James T. Kirk in this flick: He's sooo the new Brad Pitt. You know.. before Angelina and dozens of kids. Just charming. He is to me, what that Twilight guy is to all the 'tweens' (and a few nameless grown friends of mine.)

And Spok. He's so mysterious. I want him to crack a smile. Does he ever smile? He's half human.. he HAS to at one point. C'mon Spok -- lose it, just once.

If I had a kid, I would so be getting Spok ears/wig for Halloween. Maybe I still will.

In conclusion: Star Trek. What have I been missing?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Square Inch

This is what I call our little 'square inch.' It's our two-story townhouse. I love it. We've been living here since January.

It's very narrow.. and in some places you have to bend your body accordingly to get around.

But it's ours. This is our home. It's our first home together and it works out well for entertaining, even though there's a serious lack of places to sit in the living area. And we have hard wood floors, so the normal floor-sitters can't even pop a squat in a comfortable manner. So it works better if we have people over for food.. that way everyone can gather 'round the island in the kitchen and eat, drink and be merry.

It's something that we stumbled on. I've never noticed these before. It actually looks like something that doesn't belong in Myrtle Beach - but Virigina, DC, or Connecticut as I imagine it.

-The Kitchen-

This is our kitchen. Lots of cabinet space and stainless steel appliances. Just delightful! We love to cook at home. This place just screams a nice decadent meal with a lot of wine. Cheese -- some sort of cheese plate to get us started.

- The Dinning Room -

Here's our dinning room. The only time we've ever used it is when I had my family over for dinner. There were so many of us.. we spilled over into the area. It's right when when you walk in.. and away from the action (TV) so we rarely eat there.

- The Living Room -

This is where we spend the majority of our time when we both manage to off time together. It's very small and when our landlord showed it to us, I said "THIS is the living area?" We actually had to get rid of our recycliner. It's probably a good thing - it was passed down to me and made out of, what looked like cordoroy.

- The Courtyard -

This is our courtyard. It's the area between the garage (the door you see there takes you to the garage) and the back door that comes off the side of the living room. That black thing you see there is our smoker! Jimmy's pride and joy. This area is also good for our nicotine-loving friends.

So that's the tour. Downstairs, anyways. Upstairs it's just two awkwardly shaped bedrooms. Not as exciting. The sun shines so damn bright in our bedroom. When I forget to put the eye mask on, I regret it.

Our neighbors are fun to watch. A lot of "stay at home moms..." that drive Cadillacs and dress their children like dolls. Very similar to Wisteria Lane. They talk about getting together 'some time' and have blonde hair and oh I wish I could tivo it. We so don't belong over there. We spent Valentine's Day at Cici's pizza. I mean, c'mon!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Typing Thoughts Here

I hate really long e-mails and the same goes for blogs. That is, unless it warrants. Which sometimes.. it will.

Why blog you ask? I'll tell you why. My Facebook friends may get sick of the constant status updates I feel like sending, but actually write and erase. And I need a place I can be random, witty, dark, curious - and start sentences with "And."

And, I type all day. I type things IN ALL CAPS.. LIKE THIS - SUITABLE FOR A TELEPROMTER.

It's always news copy.. it's always critsized and changed by someone. I need some 'me' typing time.

Wow. Now I don't know what to write. :-/ Blog fright, I suppose.

I'm hoping along the way something of interest will happen that I can include.

If not, that's okay. Isn't Seinfeld based on a show about 'nothing'? Nine seasons that show pushed through. Giddy up.
Would you look at that? My first blog is almost long.

Nix that opener sentence. Long is blogs, right?

(Pictured at top: Me and James Walter Moore, Jr. - my beloved boyfriend. Many call him Jimmy.. many call him other things. He looks drunk. Don't think he is. It's rare to come across a picture where we both look good - together - at that moment.)

PS) Craving pineapple. Doesn't that sound good?