Does this make me a Trekkie?

Ahhh - dicted. I cannot stop talking about this movie. I've found myself Googling images of old characters to see how the new guys match them and Netflixing all things Star Trek.

Wasn't expected this at all. Very few movies get me inspired like this.

The first five minutes of the movie, they clearly tried their hardest to hook in the 'on-the-fence devoted wives/girlfriends' who weren't expecting much. And boy did they. Before the words Star Trek went up - I was in tears. That's right.. crying during Star Trek. Doesn't mean I'm going to get Star Trek checks or anything, but I really want to see the movies now.

A few words about the main character of this movie - Chris Pine - who plays Capt. James T. Kirk in this flick: He's sooo the new Brad Pitt. You know.. before Angelina and dozens of kids. Just charming. He is to me, what that Twilight guy is to all the 'tweens' (and a few nameless grown friends of mine.)

And Spok. He's so mysterious. I want him to crack a smile. Does he ever smile? He's half human.. he HAS to at one point. C'mon Spok -- lose it, just once.

If I had a kid, I would so be getting Spok ears/wig for Halloween. Maybe I still will.

In conclusion: Star Trek. What have I been missing?


  1. OMG- you are so funny! I guess I will have to see the movie now. Was Syler really good? I love Syler. Anyway. So you were crying? Really!? Hm.

  2. YES!!! I was crying. I can't explain without giving it away. Wasn't a flow blown sob - just tears.

    Syler, or Zach Quinto was awesome as Spok. Nailed it.

  3. Um..I was so loving this post until the Twilight jab!

  4. Haha. AW.. Kimmie... it's not your fault you like teen vampire movies. :-)

  5. Remember writing this, it was such a long time ago?? "I hate really long e-mails and the same goes for blogs." This is practically 5 paragraphs! ;-) P.S. Twilight is my next netflix, so I may be one of those friends too!

  6. A,
    But then at the end I said scratch that.. maybe I need long blogs. Apparently I do!


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