Golden Moments

The Golden Girls.

They were so comical, so witty, so... hungry.
They were always eating cheesecake or some sort of dessert around the kitchen table. I always want coffee and cake when I watch this show. But more importantly, they all the time in the world to sit around and do just that - eat cake.
Is that what retirement is? Wouldn't that be just delightful!? Only like 80 more years to go - who retires at 65 anymore?
I think I will be one of those old ladies who gardens. With all the accessories.. including the little stool and cute flowered gloves and of course a sun hat. Then morning coffee in the 'sunroom' while I look at my progress and talk about what I want to do next. Is it sad? I can't tell.
Ahh, Golden moments.


  1. I think that sounds just lovely! Sad, absolutely not!


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