There once was a lady named Justine. Justine lived in Myrtle Beach and was a big fan of NewsChannel 15. She liked to come by on Thursdays to sit back in the weather center during the 6pm and 7pm shows to just watch Ed do weather.

She was sort of a lonely woman. She was in her late 60's, I believe. She had kids, but was estranged from, what I'm told, three out of four of them. The daughter she did speak with just had a baby - Justine was very excited about this. Justine didn't have family in the Myrtle Beach; I believe she was from the Boston area. She liked to visit our station to talk and ask everyone how they were. She always brought by cookies. The kind from Food Lion with the icing on top. She had really strong perfume. It nauseated some folks in the building. But, I'm sure my Nana had the same kind, so when others were putting up a big fuss I was taking some kind of comfort in the strong grandmotherly smell.

We found out last week that Justine passed away in her sleep. The coroner said natural causes. She had several routines - like coming to the station. Then on Friday nights she would go dancing with a big group of people. One of those people called the station late Friday night trying to figure out where she was.. she didn't show up for dancing. I asked my assistant news director to explain to this person what happened - I didn't have it in me to do it. This woman, it seemed like was outside of the nightclub waiting on her friend, Justine.

Justine was a nice part of the NewsChannel 15 family. She'll be remembered for the perfume she wore - we knew she was in the building before she came to say hello. But she just wanted to have someone to visit. I can sit here and try to figure out why she was estranged from the majority of her children, but when it comes down it - she was a nice lady who meant well. And I appreciate that and never really got to tell her.

Her grandbaby will never have that chance to recall memories of her - when scents of her childhood fill the room.


  1. what a nice thing to write. I am sure you will miss those cookies, and think of her when you pass by some in the store.

  2. What a great memory of Nana too! I'm sorry to hear about Justine.


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