Our Square Inch

This is what I call our little 'square inch.' It's our two-story townhouse. I love it. We've been living here since January.

It's very narrow.. and in some places you have to bend your body accordingly to get around.

But it's ours. This is our home. It's our first home together and it works out well for entertaining, even though there's a serious lack of places to sit in the living area. And we have hard wood floors, so the normal floor-sitters can't even pop a squat in a comfortable manner. So it works better if we have people over for food.. that way everyone can gather 'round the island in the kitchen and eat, drink and be merry.

It's something that we stumbled on. I've never noticed these before. It actually looks like something that doesn't belong in Myrtle Beach - but Virigina, DC, or Connecticut as I imagine it.

-The Kitchen-

This is our kitchen. Lots of cabinet space and stainless steel appliances. Just delightful! We love to cook at home. This place just screams a nice decadent meal with a lot of wine. Cheese -- some sort of cheese plate to get us started.

- The Dinning Room -

Here's our dinning room. The only time we've ever used it is when I had my family over for dinner. There were so many of us.. we spilled over into the area. It's right when when you walk in.. and away from the action (TV) so we rarely eat there.

- The Living Room -

This is where we spend the majority of our time when we both manage to off time together. It's very small and when our landlord showed it to us, I said "THIS is the living area?" We actually had to get rid of our recycliner. It's probably a good thing - it was passed down to me and made out of, what looked like cordoroy.

- The Courtyard -

This is our courtyard. It's the area between the garage (the door you see there takes you to the garage) and the back door that comes off the side of the living room. That black thing you see there is our smoker! Jimmy's pride and joy. This area is also good for our nicotine-loving friends.

So that's the tour. Downstairs, anyways. Upstairs it's just two awkwardly shaped bedrooms. Not as exciting. The sun shines so damn bright in our bedroom. When I forget to put the eye mask on, I regret it.

Our neighbors are fun to watch. A lot of "stay at home moms..." that drive Cadillacs and dress their children like dolls. Very similar to Wisteria Lane. They talk about getting together 'some time' and have blonde hair and oh I wish I could tivo it. We so don't belong over there. We spent Valentine's Day at Cici's pizza. I mean, c'mon!


  1. I love your home!!!!! I am glad I got to see it! Love the round coffee table!

  2. So cute! Now that I see Catherine's coffee table comment I will have to go back and look. You know round ones are good for babies, they don't bump into the corner...just sayin'

  3. "We" love to cook at home...should that say "Jimmy loves" or are you getting more domesticated ;-) just giving you a hard time.

  4. We actually love to cook together.. so yes.. I guess I am more domesticated!

    And as for the coffee table.. I guess that's good to know... for the future..:-) We wont get rid of it then.


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