Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What did you eat today?

On random nights, before we fell asleep, I used to ask one of my college roommates Amy everything she ate that particular day. She played along from the top bunk (God bless her) and listed off what she ate. Then I would go.

At that time, I think I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine (or something similar) and had come across an article on 'Tips for Losing Weight.' Keeping a journal of your daily eats was a 'tip.' It was supposed to show just how much extra snacking you were doing, etc. And wasn't that everyone's goal in college? To be ultra skinny? I fit in things then that I still have - but can't believe I once got into. Back then I felt fat, huge. Never satisfied, I suppose.

Listing it out loud, I felt like a freakin' piggie.

I still try to think about it at the end of each day. Did I do good or bad?

Here's what I ate/drank today:
A piece of peanut butter (reduced fat/all-nautural) and jelly (sugar free) whole wheat toast.

Grilled chicken wrap from Sonic with light ranch.

2 Diet Sunkists (Bought one, two came out!)

Walnuts and Raisins
Light string cheese

Brown rice with peas (on a budget this week - and already spent $ on lunch)

Dessert/After dinner snack:
Low carb vanilla yogurt with oatmeal, almonds, and ground flax seed.

Late, late night snack:
One small slice of pork tenderloin
One piece of whole wheat toast with whipped cream cheese.

Not bad. You can tell I got hungy when I got home from work half past midnight, though.
Clearly, I'm trying to eat healthy. Otherwise this list would have on it "piece of giant cookie" - which was sitting on my counter when I got home taunting me. I didn't eat it! That was a huge test.. and I passed. Not cool, though. We can't have that stuff just laying around. It's dangerous.
Definitely trying to detox a bit after the Memorial Day crap I ate over the weekend.
So that's it Amy, we can go to sleep now.


  1. Goodnight!
    Want the truth???...it's the same thing I tell everyone, you need more meat. Meat is the only complete protein, those other things(nuts, beans..) are incomplete proteins.

    Did you really think I could read this without giving you some feedback?! Remember you can always email Will and he will tell ya even more.

  2. Even with the chicken for lunch and piece of pork for snack?

  3. Did Will post that comment or Amy? Just curious! Complete proteins?? DOn't start listening to that death metal..he he. ;)

    Food yesterday: Does mine count since I am knocked up? Anywho..

    Cinnamon Raisin English muffin with spray butter and 5 strawberries

    1 apple and a handful of grapes
    Trail mix-nuts, raisins, m&ms

    1 cupcake from the bake sale

    From school cafeteria:
    1 school square pizza
    Sweet Peas

    Bing Cherries with cool whip

    Dinner: Beaufort Stew
    Dessert: 2 Double Stuff Oreos with milk