Bacon Pants: Two Worlds Collide

I like to dry my pants over the chairs in the dining room so they won't shrink. I do this all the time. No dryer for my pants. The other day, I went downstairs grabbed my pants for work and went about getting ready. Finished getting dressed, watched some Food Network, did my hair, did my make-up - off to work!

I'm in my car - it's small, very compact - all of a sudden I smell, what I think is the aftermath of stagnant fried up something in the house. I'm like crap. My sweater has been soaking up the smells from our stove. I can take it off later. I get to work, and I swear this smell gets worse. What the F! I'm smelling my sweater to find the source. No burned pan meat smell. Then I figure it out - it's my pants.

I called my lovely carnivore boyfriend, and said, "Did you cook something last night? In the house? My pants smell. "

Jimmy: Bacon.
Me: My pants smell like bacon. I'm getting sick from it.
Jimmy: Don't be mean.
Me: Sorry, but my pants smell like bacon, and I'm stuck in these pants for the rest of the night at work.

I grab lotion and spray.. and try to prevent my deskmate, Tim, from smelling the deep-fried aroma coming from my desk. It wasn't the good bacon-in-the-morning smell either. It was the maybe-we-should-have-cleaned-the-pan-before-making-this-last-batch, bacon.

I guess the fried meat smell comes with living with a boy who loves -- well fried meats. The price you pay for L-O-V-E.


  1. that makes me hungry for bacon... mmm....

  2. So this is the 2nd time in a month that boy has messed up your nasal passages! Gee, doesn't he know better!

    But still bacon is yummy it could be worse like uh, shrimp, crab legs, catfish!

  3. First the salmon, now the bacon...


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