Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last week - it's a wrap.

Last week - it was a traumatizing one.

First - the news of Jon & Kate divorcing. I know compared to some of the other things that happened later in the week, it seems like a comedy... but I'm still affected.
The death of Ed McMahon was just the beginning.
Then Farrah Fawcett. I watched The View just hours before she died. On the show Barbara Walters said she was in her final hours. That prepared me a little more.

Then the big one - Michael Jackson's death.

We were waiting for that "3rd" one - celebrity deaths always happens in threes. But damn, wasn't expecting death when the news broke that he had been rushed to the hospital. Thanks to TMZ.com for breaking that one. Who knew?

The news broke everywhere that he died during our 6pm newscast. I was in the newsroom scrambling to get the story together for the lead of our 7pm newscast.

But here's the moment I realized it was more than just work, more thank just news: Our Florence reporter, Tonya, called my extention moments after we sent out our breaking news text alert. With a raspy, cracked voice - she said, "Jaimie, is it true? Is Michael Jackson dead?" I said, "Yes, Tonya, it is true." She started crying. She was crying so hard, she had to hang up. There in the midst of a busy newsroom, it hit me just how big and global this was. I started shaking and everything that had happened - from the whole week - finally caught up with me.

Legends were lost. It was quite a week.

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