Now I'm a complainer.

I've become a complainer. Always something to bitch about at work. Always. Someone's not doing enough, another person is too doing too much to cover up for someone's frickin' laziness, and no one seems to care.

Somone gets laid off - more work for me.
Someone calls in sick - god ***mit. Are they really sick or taking this opportunity to call in because the boss lady happens to be on vacation?
Someone cashes in on their fucking eight weeks of vacation -Maybe we should of thought of this before we laid off half the staff. Who's gonna pick up the slack? It's not rocket science.
Someone is bitching about having to help somone else out - For the love of Pete. Do it. Shut up.

My stress level at work is at about 200%. That's compared to a year ago when it was 95%... when we had a staff of double what it is now. There weren't so many things that YOU were repsonsible for. The workload was split up. There are so many things to remember now.

Check the faxes.
Check the voicemail.
Find news/do the show. (The majority of the work)
Double and triple check your show.
Do your reports.
Make sure you mention the website enough - then document it.
Do the stories for the website. Wait around for someone to check the copy. Post the web stories on a frickin 1998 web style system that takes forever. It's guaranteed that you will be at work another 30 minutes if there are a lot of new stories to post.
Check the fax machine again.
Check newsroom email account.
Check wires.
Check national/regional feed.
Blink - you're getting another damn headache.
Get up and walk around. You're body hurts from the non-stop sitting and typing.
Drink some water.
Start over.
It's exhausting.

I've learned you HAVE to complain. You have to. There are higher expectations now of the ones that are left. You have to step up your game. And if you don't... I will fucking cuss outloud about it - at least when HR isn't around.

This dwindling economy is no doubt taking a toll on our mental and physical health. Stress levels are high and tempers, boy do they flare.

When it comes down to it, I'm very grateful to have a job. I sometimes hate myself for bitching under my breath, to others. So many people don't have work right now and would take any sort of a job. And I know mine could go - poof - like that.

So - bitch as I may, I know I'm very lucky. I have a income that helps me to pay my bills.

But GOD. There better not be any bullshit at work today.

By the way - my first eye exam is in the near future. The headaches at work are becoming more consistent.


  1. Get it out! Wow, I had no idea you are working this hard that you describe your stress level as 200%.
    I hope today was a better day!

  2. You are still entitled to bitch!! I do it often!!


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