The big 2-8

I'm 28 now. It's a big number. So big, that everyone likes to just round up to 30. But it really doesn't bother me. Many people say.. "You're just a baby" or I get the "You're so old! You're pushing 30!"

Either way I get to hear from lots of people I don't normally talk to and it's nice.

I worked on my birthday - which I haven't done in a really long time. I always take my birthday off. Always. I didn't this year because I took a vacation the week prior and didn't want to ask for another day off. I find it depressing to have be sitting at my desk. However, this year, I switched shifts, so the the change up helped things be not so depressing. I also got some fun treats at work - inlcuding a loaf of blueberry banana bread, a whole dish of yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing (which I think is my new favorite cake combination), some cards, and a lotion-bath gel set.

It actually made for a very good day.

It wasn't until the last few minutes at work someone successfully put me in a bad mood and I cried. I actually cried in my car leaving work. Good going, reporter who pissed me off ON my birthday. Hope you slept well.

After that, a cheery talk to mom on the way home helped.

Then I got home.

Jimmy was on the couch watching soccer with no dinner being prepared. I then realized birthdays aren't what they used to be as you get older - especially when you blow your bank on said vacation and have none left to spend on your loving girlfriend until next glorious paycheck arrives. I ended up driving us to Arby's - I wanted to "eat out." We sat in front of the TV and watched Mad Men season one, disc one while sharing curly fries and beef and cheddar. That part was actually fun. And I'm not just saying that in the off-chance James Walter Moore, Jr. reads this post.

Red wine... roast beef... 28.


  1. I am sure Jimmy loved having Arby's for dinner!


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