Big City Gal?

I'm wondering where I should go.

I'm feeling adventurous and I think I'm ready to try something new.

Here's where I've been so far:
Born: Youngstown, OH
Lived there until I was about three. Don't remember much of it. Couldn't get around if I tried.
Raised: Myrtle Beach, SC
Lived here since.
College: Greenwood, SC
Went real far, didn't I?

So maybe that's why I feel the need to get out of the 843/864 area codes.

It's all I've known.

So what's next? Where should I go? Am I destined for a big city? The beach? Or some place with a big-city feel that isn't that huge.

Oh the options.

Coffee and pastries with cool weather. That's what I want.
So maybe Paris? :)


  1. No, you would hate all the French people! :o) I would try a little closer to home first, how about TN (Nashville, etc.), TX (Houston, Austin, Dallas), or Seattle?

  2. I hear Richmond is adventurous. :)


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