Eight Years Ago

It was eight years ago, today, when I was attending classes at Lander University. I was sitting in a women's literature class. My professer was very stern, very down-to-business. Anyone who took her classes, knew she was tough. I got a C in that class, and was happy with it.
On that day, September 11, 2001 - I was sitting there. Class had just started.

We were learning about some feminist poet when my teacher heard some commotion. She looked down over the banister a few stories, down to the atrium in that building.

There was a big group of people surround the TV down there.

Finally, she caught wind of what was going on. A look of fear, horror came over her face. Just like that - she blew off class. What the hell was going on? Did she really just cancel class? This must be major.

It was.

On the way into class, I remember listening to the radio. A normally-chipper morning radio host seemed saddened - the mood was melodramatic. She spoke of a plane crash. That's all I could remember. I was so concentrated on not getting there after this woman closed the door.

After she dismissed class, I didn't go down to the atrium. But, I did hear someone talk about what had happened. I want wanted to go home to see it for myself.

As I was in the campus parking lot making my way to the car, I recall this idiot of a girl making fun of the whole situation. Saying things like "Oh look out - a plane is going to fall on us!" And then laughed in a very evil, fucked-up tone. She actually ended up being a sorority sister of mine. Never a big fan. I just now removed her from my Facebook friends because thinking about her doing that, made me sick to my stomach all over again. Granted, she probably didn't realize the magnitude of the situation at that given moment. But still - no longer friends.

I clearly don't hold grudges.

I got home and my roommate was already on the couch just engulfed in the coverage. She was crying and I called my mom. She was crying.

It all unfolded before us.

The people running from the tsunami of debris, the sut.. the people holding up signs of their loved ones - hoping, praying for a miracle. Those images will be etched in my head forever.

It was was bigger than Pearl Harbor in terms of people killed. And until someone said it in those words, I couldn't consume just how many good-blooded Americans were lost.

It's the biggest tragedy I will probably live through.

At least, I hope.


  1. i want to know who the GPB was and who the stern teacher was!


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