When the head hits the pillow

I'm not sure how it's done: Two people living together with opposite schedules.

I wake up beat, my eyes are blood shot and I float throughout the day feeling just oh-so-tired.

Here's what is happening:

Jimmy has a semi-normal work schedule. He usually wakes up around 8 or so. Gets off at 6, 7 or so.

Me? I work at 2pm and get off at midnight. I don't fall asleep until well after 1, sometimes 2am.

In the morning: Jimmy's eye's will open around 7am - no matter what. (This is why he stocks up on sleeping pills when we're on vacation.)

This is my prime sleeping time. Deep, deep sleeping. Probably when you'll catch me snoring.


Have you ever heard the sound of a blackberry trackball cut through silence? I have.

It's what I hear most mornings well before I'm ready to get up. He's checking e-mails, texts, getting caught up on the overnight headlines and what his assignments are for the day.

Then he gets up, pees (etc.), showers, dresses. In comes the strong smell of cologne, and the sound of lotion going on. It's normal in-the-morning stuff that I would probably be doing as well.

But I'm a light sleeper. So when I fall back asleep - which is not easy for me to do - and start falling back to sleepy-sleep land, the smallest sound wakes me back up. It's just so... ahhh! I literally wake up pissed off.

I treasure my sleep and need a lot of it.

It's not like he's doing anything wrong, so I can't get mad at him... this time.

So I'm currently looking for a solution to this problem.

How do people handle this? Do I need to get back in the habit of taking my melatonin like I did when I worked the overnight shift? Will that make me sleep in too late? Do I need to consider sleeping in another room? That seems extreme.

But maybe I'll try getting to bed earlier?

We'll give that a go.


  1. ear plugs. Thankfully Michael and I have basically the same schedule- I don't know how we would do it otherwise. I am a SOUND sleeper- so it doesn't really bother me.. but he puts a pillow over his head every night... try that!


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