Fall falls upon us

There's something about the cool air and warm cider. (Sound like a post card? )

Jeans, turtlenecks and scarves. (Maybe a poem?)

The smell of when the heat kicks on for the first time in months. (Unless it catches fire.)

The leaves changing colors. (Sure makes long car rides more bearable.)

Halloween brings the fright, and the goobers get their candy. (Baby costume aisle is the best.)

Now for some new boots. Black, maybe brown. Flats this year.

I still can't find the perfect pair of jeans.

It's the time of year - before things get too cold, too dark, too miserable.

It's fall.

My favorite season.

But beware: winter looms.
Get ready for the staticky hair, and clingy clothes.

Get ready for the Christmas commercials months too early. (Like the snowman who melts.. "The weather outside is frightful"... and the Hershey kisses doubling as chimes.)

Get ready for frost on your windsheild.

And the grass to hide it's green.

The hot cocoa aisle loses stock in a snap.

Turkey, oh the turkey.

Make a list, check it twice.

Sales here, discounts there.

Candy canes come out of the woodwork.

Wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and bows.

The day after Christmas is always so depressing. (Was as a kid, and still is.)

All that's left is New Years.

Another year gone, another to come.

Time flies when you're at work writing a blog about fall.


  1. I love when you update. I so look forward to what you have to say next! Once again, I was not disappointed. Happy Fall to you!!


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