Missing Myrtle

Since I'm leaving Myrtle Beach, again, I thought I'd pay homage to my homeland.


So here goes.

#10 The Weather.
Flip flops and tank tops. No snow (for the most part) and breezy beach weather. There's something to be said for living in the south and soaking up the sun. Even the winters are mild. Snow is a huge deal, because it rarely falls. Hurricanes - yes, scary. But the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to our forecast.

#9 The Ease of Travel.
It's very easy to get around in Myrtle Beach. No big city stress of interstates. The only headache is traffic, but there are shortcuts. It was so nice.

#8 No blue laws!
Oh yes, something I'm hating on Sundays, being I live in Greenville County, and not in the city limits. I should be able to buy wine whenever, and wherever I want. Period. This is a God given right. This is the downside of living in deep bible-belt country. In MB - we could walk to get alcohol, and now, it's a little bit of a drive. Boo to Blue Laws! And for that matter, things opening late and closing early on Sunday - double boo!

#7 The People.
Myrtle Beach is a good melting pot of people. Retired folks, northern folks who've migrated south, southern folks, tourists from all over the country and the world. You name it. I've run into some pretty interesting folks along the way.

#6 Myrtle Square Mall.
It was THEE place to be. My favorite thing at the mall was the gi-NORMOUS overhead clock that was - in my eyes - a work of art. It was just so cool. Over the years, that iconic mall turned desolate, the tumbleweed rolled through and it was eventually leveled. Why? So they could build a much bigger, newer mall right down the road, much to my dismay. The flattened piece of land is still vacant.

#5. The South End.
It's not Myrtle Beach technically, but it's still part of my home. So with that said, I will miss the sleepy Murrells Inlet-Surfside-Garden City-Pawleys Island-Litchfield area. When you drive to the south end of the Grand Strand, there a peaceful beachy feeeling that takes you over. It's a 10-15 minute drive away from home and a a low key night out, if nothing else. The food tastes better there, and the air is saltier. Just relaxing place to be and the further south you drive, the better.

#4 WPDE.
When I was in high school, I remember being called to SHS auditorum to hear Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski talk to us about the work he does as a forecaster, and weather in general. I also still have a TV 15 book club certificate stashed away somewhere. Then it was several years later when they offered me my first job in broadcasting, out of college. And I spent six years of my life working at that station. Working there has made me a better person, a decent producer and certainly given me strong work ethic. I have met some amazing people at that station, whom I'll never forget.

#3 The Pavilion.
Remember I grew up when the Pavilion was prime. It was our hangout, and it was where we spent our allowance. Tickets used to be like $0.50 and you were lucky when you had time, and could garner enough cash from mom and dad for an ALL DAY WRISTBAND. Unfortunately, time has gotten the best of the Pavilion. It's closed and is nothing but a flatten plot of land. In it's last years was not what it used to be. But I was very lucky to be able to attend "The Last Ride," it's final day of operations.

#2. The Ocean.
There's nothing like it.
The waves crashing, the ocean air... and the way the sand feels on the bottom of your feet. There is nothing like it. I never have take for granted living a few miles from the ocean. Winter or summer, I made my way there. Whether it was to clear my head or to just take a few deep breaths. It's possibly the best place in the world. I alway loved finding the little beach access points that were not tourist hot spots. It can be done.

#1. My Family.
When I was three and living in Youngstown, OH, my mother and my father divorced. It was then, my mother and her brave soul, put me and by big brother Gary, in the back of her car, and drove us to our new home, Myrtle Beach. My mom loved to take us to the beach on the weekends, and like every other day during summer break. Myrtle Beach looked very different back then. You could sit on the beach, look behind you and see only a few hotels and beach shacks. It's the old time Myrtle Beach that I remember. The beach, a few restaurants.. of course the Pavilion, and not much else. This place, even though it's become pretty much tourist trap, still has some charm to it. And it's my home. It feels like home. My family has built a foundation here. And even thought only half my family is here, the other half visits a lot. Which I love. I will miss my family. But I get to come "home" and my family will still be here.


  1. All good things!! Soon you will have a pros list about your new city! New and different is good and it will soon soak in! Myrtle Beach I'm sure misses you too!!

  2. Aw- so sweet. Well I will tell you - MB won't be the same with out you- I won't be able to call you and say "let's pass the volleyball", or have to wait until you clean the kitchen until we can go to the beach.. I will miss being able to call you (of course, it would be well after 10 a.m.) to see what you were doing for lunch (and then you show up late!) I hope you enjoy your new job and your new town.. I will miss my best friend in MB. Abby

  3. Good list! Can't wait until you have settled in and you can write top 10 thing i like best about living in Greenville! Oh and we still don't get snow that often so when we do, it is still a big deal! Ice on the other hand happens atleast once a year!


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