The M word.

It's official. James and myself have started to pool our money together with long-term goals in mind.

AKA - We've started a marriage savings account.

Well, that's what I'm calling it. I'm sure he'll have another name for it without the M word in it.

My big brother, who's a newlywed has this to say: "That's a big step. Man. You'll need to go ahead and stock that thing as much as you can." (In referring to the savings account).

Thanks, big bro.

So much to think about in the actual planning of a wedding. (Which, to be clear, is not yet happening.) But there have been discussions.

I know why planning a wedding makes people NUTS.

Big wedding..
Small wedding..
No church..
No Beach..
Whom to walk me down aisle..
Color of my dress..
Color of bridesmaid dresses..
Style of my dress..
Type of flowers..
Invitation type..
Sit down dinner.. or buffet..
Hair up or down..

To elope or not?

Yes that non-stressful path is very much an option in my mind. The ONLY think keeping from that, is the constant regret I know I would live my whole life with.

I don't like the idea of everyone's eyes being on me for any given moment, but..

I do want to wear the big white dress.
I do want to dance with family and friends whom I never get to see.
I do want the tradition of it all.

I want to come up with little quirks.. find unique things. I want to pick the perfect date. I want to pick the perfect location. I want to do it the Jaimie way. I think If I hop a plane to Vegas, that won't happen.

I think the only thing I do know: where we want to honeymoon. Europe. Italy, France or Ireland. Just somewhere.. over there.

But we'll probably end up at a beach somewhere... sharing a Tecate.


  1. Ahh..A Blog post! So wonderful and exciting. But, I kept expecting to read "And I want the MMP to be bridesmaids"

  2. Very exciting to officially start saving for something like that! Big step for you guys!! I think the next couple of years are going to be interesting ones! XO


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