Valentine's Day at Midnight

Here's my Valentine's Day present that Jimmy hid.. in the bathroom. But when I found it, I was oh so excited! Then I immediately unpacked my little table top jewerly box and found out that I need more things to fill this beauty.

My mom said I need a ring to put in it.


  1. That really is pretty! Well done Jimmy!

  2. Yes, it does need a ring, but just to complement it, not go in it. It needs togo on your left hand!

  3. ijvc6u7c;,lxon

    That's from Aiden~

  4. It says "Buy Jaimie a ring Uncle Jim"!

  5. love aiden's post! :) i totally thought that you were calling to tell me that you got a ring when you called to tell me that you got a jewelry box for VDAY! :)


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