Oh, Amelia..

Oh what a movie.
And Hillary Swank, just so phenomenal in portraying her image.

I love Amelia. And idolize the bravery and courage about her. I wonder where else her will would have taken her, if she didn't mysteriously disappear that day in 1937. What else would this great woman of American history go on to have accomplished?

What a heartbreak.

With all do respect, Amelia, you were very stubborn. Something I can relate to.

When someone told you it's never been done, and 14 others died trying, you went.

When someone told you, you'd most likely die, you went.

And that, I guess, is how we've gotten to where we are today. Courage and the will to pave the way for others.

It is inspiring. That's for sure. You've done your job.

Amelia had a husband at home who adored her. He was someone she loved very much, as well. This was to be her last flight, then she would come home.

I started watching this movie forgetting how it would end. Tragically, pretty much.

I wanted a happy ending so bad. I wanted her to win! I wanted her to go on loving. You can't rewrite history, though. You can only learn from it.

She always knew it was a risk and yet still pushed forward. Always wanting more. Always aiming higher.

Oh, Amelia.

I just love you.

"I'd rather face a watery grave than go on living as a fraud. "
~Amelia Earhart


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