My World Just Shook A Little

Today, within an hour, I learned that two married couples we know, are splitting up.

One couple, married 10 years with 3 kids.

The other couple didn't get to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Jimmy and I attended this wedding. We saw them exchange their vows. We danced with their family and ate their Italian (magnificent) themed dinner. We took shots of Sambuka from the ice luge they picked out together. We STILL have a miniature bottle of Tabasco served with some seafood appetizers. I wanted to keep it, instead of eat it. It sits on our stove. I still have pictures from this wedding on my camera. I looked at them 2 weeks ago.

But what's worse? 10 years and 3 kids, or having the wedding still fresh in your head cause IT JUST HAPPENED. Both to me, are equally as heartbreaking. As much as everyone says it's probably for the best, it feels like the worst.

My parents split when I was too young to understand, so I was never devastated by that news. I am devastated by this news, eventhough I hear nothing but bad news all day at work.

If I can be selfish for a moment, I guess it's just hard to hear, especially since the "M" word has come up in several conversations lately.

These couples are a statistic now. And the numbers are adding up. And it's just... discouraging is all. But I do know life goes on. It always has a way of working out.

But by the way...

I'm NEVER getting married. Although a dear friend assures me, "You will get married, and you will make it work."

My world shook after this getting this news.

Not crumbled, just shook.


  1. I agree- this news is a little hard to take. You have to realize though that marriage takes work and effort and if one or both of the people are not willing to put in the work, it is doomed to fail. I think you can and you should get married- no one knows if it will work or not, but you shouldn't disregard it because of other people's inability to make it work. If you put in the effort and the work required, you will be rewarded.

  2. You shouldn't be scared to get married. People make it work, some don't. It is hard to see and witness the ones that don't make it work. You have to put a great deal of effort into a marriage. Effort, which I am sure you can put forth!


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