I was listening to one of my favorite Cosmo radio shows on the way home tonight, and people were calling in to talk about their fears.

Some of the funnier calls: round haystacks, manholes, animatronics, putting their hand inside of a bread bag, sasquatch, sleeping bags, things with more than four legs and less than two (?), crickets, and finally... vomiting!

I think that's my fear! I realized tonight that I haven't puked in the entire time I've dated JM. What? That's three and a half years, people!

And why is that? I live my life to avoid BARFING. I hate hate hate it. I used to cry everytime I puked.

Tonight I was not feeling well at work. At all. I was battling a three day long migraine, and it turned into nauseau.. and whatever else..

When I thought I might puke.. I got real scared. I started to get the pre-puke sweats and.. oh my God, this might actually happen.

Swallow... burp.. drink water.. eat saltine. Okay, maybe I can hold it back.

I did.

Thank you sweet Lord. But omg.. that was close.

Fear of vomiting. Yep.


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