Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Conan Effect

It was a pretty cool thing to see Conan O'Brien live in Atlanta.
I remember watching him late at night in high school, laughing my ASS off, while my parents would scream from the other room, "What the hell are you watching?" They wanted to know so they could watch and laugh, too.

It didn't hit me until I watched the 60 Minutes interview he did.. I realized just how human and normal he really was. Yea, he's in show business, and yea he's on TV, but he really got crushed during the "late night fiasco" -- and it was tough to see someone always so positive, and upbeat - talk about being bruised and battered by the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I cried.

He had moved his family, moved his whole life across the nation for the thing he worked, perhaps his entire adult life for.

I admire how genuine he is. Seeing him live really hit that home.

He's someone that people have paid millions of dollars to see - and yet he remains so grounded.

He's seemed so thankful to have so many people come out to see him be silly. He honstly seemed humbled.

Of course, I had to sit next to the guy who screamed something random when it got quiet, so he'd be noticed by the folks on stage.

Yeah, that guy. He was damn sweaty, too.

I so adored the Conan-isms, of course: The string dance, the Walker Texas Ranger bit, the "Huhhhhhhhhhh?!?!, the stare face, the self-depricating humor, the goofy-big-red hair... but it was the five minutes when he got serious, that made me an even bigger fan.

I was happy to spend a good portion of my tax refund on him. I wouldn't do that for just anyone.

So, the next page in the Conan chapter turns. I cannot wait to watch the first night of his new show.

I'm sure I'll get chills when his name is announced (probably by Andy) for the first time on TBS, and he makes his Conan-like-entrance.

Isn't it amazing just how attached we get to celebrities?

Although, I hate to put Conan in that catagory. Because there are celebrities, and then there's Conan.

What a fun guy to work for, I bet. That'd be the gig.


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  1. I am glad you had such a good time! I am also glad to see you have a new celeb you want to work for!