Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scheduling Conflict

Since JM and I moved here, we've both had the same days off, Monday and Tuesday.

I don't take for granted how lucky we were to both land jobs in the same business, in the same market, at the same time. Not to mention - having the same days off. We have people (in the business) tell us how lucky we are all the time. We were very lucky.

But soon, those days of hand-holding downtown strolling may be nearing an end.

JM has taken a M-F schedule for the summer months, and I am still on my W-Su shift. This would be fine in about three months when our schedules would once again realign, however, now possible news of a shift change for me! (Nothing concrete, yet)

This whole time I've been working weekends, I have felt as if I were missing out. Family events, festivals, things happening on the WEEKEND.

When I took the job, It was the first time in six years I've had to go to work on a Saturday or Sunday. The first time in six months I don't look forward to Friday as everyone else does.

My TGIF comes on a Sunday night.

But, now as having weekends off becomes a semi-reality in the future, I'm actually not looking forward to it.

What am I gonna do all by myself?

What's the point of having a boyfriend if you can't have days off together?

Okay, that's a bit extreme, but STILL.

Jimmy's logical explaination: That's what you get new jobs for, to work your way up. So maybe since he's also the low man on the totem pole, he'll work his ways up as well?

A reason the news business can suck: scheduling.

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