The Boy I'm Gonna Marry...

It's been a whirlwind of a week.

On Sunday, June 27th, James Moore proclaimed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me in front of my closest friends in the world.

Of course I said.. Okay!

It wasn't surprising when it happened. His behavoir was kind of suspicious. He used every second I wasn't around to whisper to my friends about the plan... and then I found him acting really weird around a fake plant.

Just saying.

Looking back, the moments leading up to the proposal, the poor guy was doing a lot of sweating.. and hard-liquor drinking. He had his heads in his hands at dinner, and was apparently rocking back and forth.

I would have noticed had I not been pouding pomegrante vodka. But, hey, we were on vacation.
Actually, I think my reaction to the proposal itself would've been more raw, genuine - sans liquor.

I think I said something like... "Really? this is really happening NOW?"

Not that I didn't want it to happen "now" -- but was shocked that he was pronouncing his love during a game the group was playing while sitting around the living room of our beach house.
Ours was a Catch Phrase Engagement.

The moment was classic. Jimmy was the one tearing up, while I was seriously trying to not to laugh at him. He had tears, I had sarcasm. Not a shocker.

It was the moment when I was handed my first issue of Brides magazine with a hot pink cover when I started to tear up. But shhhh.. don't tell my Groom-to-be that.

I will say, he pulled out quite the box in which the ring was held. The ring (which is gorgeous, vintage-looking and meaningful) has been passed down, so the originial box was too old for presentation purposes.

He had one made with my new initials. He did a really good job.
So now it begins. The planning, dieting and saving. But whenever I think about the fact that I'm engaged -- a wave of joy takes me over. I no longer have to introduce JM as my boyfriend. It's fiance. And will be for a few years.
I need time.
But, I was engaged a week and one day before I went and tried on dresses.
It's very odd to be the one in the white. My life has been spent following trains making sure their straight, holding bouquets, and OOhhhing and AAAahing the bride. (Ever seen 27 dresses?)
So, it's really MY turn? SHUT up.


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