I read on a wedding website that you should not talk about your wedding. You will get unsolicited opinions that will crush you.

That was the best piece of advice I've been given thus far.

People have made it abundantly clear when they don't like a color, location, dress, flower, centerpiece that I'm a excited about.

I even had someone look at my ring and say: "Um, well you can always go bigger for an anniversary."

Didn't know people said that out loud.

I happen to like my ring the way it is. It's a very special piece of jewelry that I will forever treasure.

If you know anything about me, it's the fact that I love getting things passed down that were once used in my family. The same goes for Jimmy's family. This ring on my finger has been around from Eisenhower to Obama.

I dare you to go bigger than that.

Don't get me wrong. I like getting advice from people close to me, or whom people's wedding judgement I value.

But when I tell them the colors... and I get a... "No, you should really incorporate some of this in."

Or when a close (very religious) family member asks me if I'm getting married in a church. Gulp. I knew this question was coming.

I give her my "It's not who we are as a couple," speech. And the "I don't want to lie to the church, and ourselves, and say were active Christians, when we're not, just to get married in a church" speech. It's really not the honest way of doing things, I believe. That's not to say that I won't continue going to church every now and then, and that I won't take my children to church.

It's seconds later, I'm called a heathen, and am told our children will be bastards.

There's the spirit.

Nothing like a bitter Betty to dampen the engagement bliss.

That's one of the harsher comments I've gotten.

Unfortunately for me, it was from someone who I've always looked up to.

I imagine this blog will deter anyone from ever giving me any opinions -- EVER -- again for my wedding.

My bridesmaids usually are the only ones who read this, so, if you do -- I vaule your opinion, judgement, and views.

You wouldn't be in my wedding, if I didn't.


  1. Aw!! sorry this is such a downer for you. My advise- do it the way you want! It is your wedding, you have to look at the pictures when you are 80 years old and you don't want to look at your flowers and say "I wish I would have gone with my choice". I think your ring is BEAUTIFUL and it suits you. You are going to have a great day- just don't listen to too many people... it is YOUR day!!

  2. The whole experience isn't a downer. I love planning a wedding! Just the meanies that come a long with wedding planning are downers. I am gonna do it my way. It's gonna be great! :)

  3. I am so so sorry that people are acting like idiots. I think maybe a few good throat punches are in order.

  4. I love your ring! Down worry about the Bitter Betties and Debbie Downers. It's yours and Jimmy's day, not everyone else's. Don't forget that. :)

    And I'm not even a bridesmaid! Hope you don't mind my advice. ;)

  5. Rebeck - of COURSE I welcome your advice!

    Kimmie - I do want to punch someone. Good thinking!



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