A Text From A Friend

This is a text I got from a dear friend, who suffered a great loss. Her step-father died after a long battle with Cancer.

This text made me glad to be her friend and I want to keep it forever.

"Just came to Moe's for a change of scenery. A little nervous about tonight.... just getting upset seeing old friends and such. But I can't wait to sit around with all of you when we are 58-years-old and feeling so safe to be able to talk about anything, and everything and everyone sleeping in the same house at good times and bad. Xo."
~Amy Benton Kuenzel
August 20, 2010


  1. Agreed! Best text ever...
    well...it ranks up there with JenWilli's drunk texts and emails.

  2. XOXOX I love you all so so much.


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