Wedding Planning Update

Okay eight months until the "I do's."

Time for a progress check!

We've got:

The location
My dress
The bridesmaid dresses/shoes picked out
The photographer
The DJ

Okay well in my head it seemed like a lot done.

The list keeps growing. Ah, will I ever get it done?

Here's some thoughts that are swimming through my head about other stuff:

I think I decided to do a candy table as favors. Candy can be so PRETTY. And it's a good way to display some of my key wedding colors. And who doesn't love candy?

Something came up, and one of my bridesmaids won't be able to be in the wedding. So sweet Jimmy suggested to have the wedding videoed so she could feel like she's there. We decided against that at the get go to save cash, but he thinks we can get a deal.

We pretty much decided what wedding ring we'll be getting Jimmy. Thank you Brides magazine.

I'm going back and forth on centerpieces -- Floral, funky or fruit? Candles, mirrors or vases? We'll see how that one ends up.

I think I picked out the invites, but haven't nailed them down yet.

I lost 6.6 pounds! My wedding weight-loss journey continues, though.

There are some little projects that I want to knock out -- a ribbon wreath, and a some hanging paper balls. (Etsy is selling them for like $600. I'm determined to do them myself.)

Hair up for wedding with flower, hair down with flower for trash the dress session the day after?

Okay... I think that's it for now.

Overwhelming feelins setting in...


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