Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lull

Over the last month, I've pretty much stopped the wedding planning.


I mean just stopped. Screw it! I have life to tend to. Work. Weight loss goals... etc, etc, etc!

Then I realized we're closing in on the SIX month mark. Holy shit balls.

And the other day, I got another BRIDES magazine in the mail... flipped it open... and have been on a non-stop bridal monster rampage ever since. I can't get enough. The magazine was delivered just as I was forgetting about... dare I say... my wedding. Gasp!

I've probably looked at 30 different Save The Dates styles... of course have my heart set on thee most expensive out of all the ones I've looked at.

1o different types of honeymoons... Maybe on our 10-year anniversary we can go to Ireland or cruise to Alaksa, or chill in Napa Valley.

Cakes.. oh the Cakes. Seriously. I want a bride & groom bobblehead as a cake topper. I know it sounds seriously tacky and cheeseball, but it's a really cool concept that is adorable. It's $189. Calm down, I know where my priorities lie.

Flowers galore. Man. Purple flowers are so pretty, and match NOTHING in my wedding.

Centerpieces. I do not want ugly 80's looking mirror things on my tables. But I haven't found the perfect... anything yet.

My mind is RACING. I'm obessing over things. But in a good way. And I am counting down the days until my dress comes in. It's gotta be soon. Ohhhhhhhh the dress. I see it in magazines all the time and I love it. But what if I don't like it? I mean when I try it on again. I'm not being irrational... that's a real bride fear. A legitamate one.

And I want to play with make-up and hair... I want to try on red lipstick!

Oh it's just gonna come so soon.

And After the New Year, I have a feeling it will fly by.

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  1. Well, I just wrote a thoughtful and witty comment...but then the computer got mad. Darn you WordPress! Anyway. Happy for you guys. Enjoy the whole experience. Stressful as it may be leading up to it - enjoy it all :)