Black Bean Brownies

Wish I had a picture to post... ate these all up!

  • 15oz can of black beans
  • Brownie Mix (Any kind will do, but if you can find the No Pudge mix it's low fat)


  • Open can of beans
  • Rinse, drain
  • Put beans back in can
  • Add enough water in can to just cover beans
  • Put in blender or food processor and puree
  • Add puree to brownie mix
  • Bake according to brownie mix instructions
  • No need to add oil or eggs, just the beans!

Personal Note:

I couldn't taste the beans at all in this recipe. I did think they were a little stickier than normal brownies, but knowing I was getting the good stuff from black beans while getting my chocolate fix made it worth it. I made mine in a muffin pan, and filled them nearly all the way to the top. They came out great!


  1. I know Kim had made these too, I wonder if she used the same type recipe?? Kimmie?

    Glad they were yummy!

  2. She used Garbanza beans... but same type idea I think.


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