Here Comes the Bride


As in six months TO THE DAY, soon.

What an exciting feeling. There's still a lot that needs to be done, but I'm ready. I'm so ready for it to just be here.

I can't believe I originally set out to get married in 2012. I'd be going nuts!

There is still a lot more money to be saved, decisions to be made, and cake to be tasted.

Is six months a lot? It doesn't feel like it. I guess to some it's a half of a year. To me... a very quick 180 days. Everyone keeps telling me it's going to fly by.

It actually already has, so far.

So mixed feelings: Nauseau... panic... anxiety.
With eagerness... happiness... and excitment.

My stomach and brain is a mixed bag of emotions.

I could puke or laugh at any given moment.


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