Not Just One...

Why just make one New Year's Resoultion when I can try for a handful?

Maybe If I do that, there will be hope, right?

Alright... Here goes:

1) Floss Daily.
I think this makes it on the list yearly.

2) Get Married.
I mean, come on. If nothing else, this will be the one. (Maybe I secretly put this it would work out that way.)

3) Have Thicker Skin at Work.
People suck sometimes. But I have to remember it's because of their own issues and not just me.
4) Stop spending useless cash, when I can be SAVING IT.
There's a concept.

5) Get back on track, and stick to my new healthy-eating, healthy-living lifestyle.
The holidays sucked. Why stop eating once I'm full, when there's food everywhere!? Ugh. My pants were working hard during the holidays.

6) Be better at keeping in touch with friends.
Too many old friends are falling through the cracks. I guess it's just life. People change, surroundings change. But at least I can try.

7) Start thinking about the future.
There's a fine line between living for today, and planning for tomorrow. I need to learn how to do both... equally.

I'm excited about 2011.

I'm getting married...
Then a month later I turn 30...
At least two of my friends are having babies...
So much is happening!

I welcome this wonderful year, and my next decade of life.


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