Anatomy of a Jewelry Box

This is my jewelry box... well part of it. I was unpacking and reorganizing it when I realized how much of my life all of this represents and how many stories it all tells.

Front and center: Engagement ring, and wedding ring. Placed in the box Jimmy had monogrammed with my new initials when he proposed.

To the right of that: Gold Charm necklace. This I made while we were on our honeymoon in New Orleans at The Bead Shop. It has a gold disk on it with our wedding date and our initials, as well as a key, a gold feather and a heart.

Top Center: Satin Flower. I wore two of these in my hair on my wedding day. There's no telling where other one could be.

All Around: Earrings. I have so many earrings in which I've gotten over the years, and were given to me as gifts. I love looking at all these thinking about where I've worn them, and where I got them. I've got them in all sizes, but lately have been wearing the big, round ones a lot.

Center: Other Rings. My wonderful ring collection. I still have weird, plastic, beachy rings, my class ring, rings passed down from Mom and Nana... my lovely costume rings that use to dorn my left hand pre-engagment and silver rings that used to be really in, that are now waaay tarnished.

Second drawer, on the right: Real, REAL pearls. My mother gave these to me as a gift when I graduated college. One of the few real things in this box. I treasure these, and rarely feel as if my clothes are good enough to match.

Right to the left of the pearls: A gold sapphire necklace. This is a little treasure that Jimmy got me one year for my birthday. I forgot about this and was excited to re-discover it.

Third drawer: Chunky bracelets. Love my bracelets. I got a new one while on Honeymoon, then two more gold bengals on sale at the mall. It appears I'm into gold now, which I never thought possible.

I can't talk jewelry without talking these: My grandmother's earrings. I always would sneak in Nana's room and clip these sparkly suckers on while growing up. I remember them being a lot bigger when I was little, but wasn't everything? When my Nana passed and my mother cared about treasuring her real jewels, I cared about these. They are the only thing I asked for. I got a few other things, but these... these are good.


  1. What great memories. This post will make me look at my jewelry box and reminisce!

  2. That's true! The jewelries we keep represents many things about us and about our life, and they become more interesting if there are stories behind them. If you happen to know the Pandora bracelet, it's like a jewelry box on your wrist. It holds a lot of stories and meaning, at the same time very fashionable too! Amazing collection, by the way!

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