Clean Shaven

We recently lost one of our caretakers that we loved. He's going back to school to become a Physical Therapist's Assistant.

What we loved about Jonathan, among so many other things, is that he groomed Jimmy's head hair on the regular.

He shaved him and cut his hair like every other Friday. How awesome is that? We didn't even ask him to do it.

With Jonathan gone, Jimmy started getting a little... grizzly.

I decided it was time.

I've shaved him before, but it was back when he was an inpatient at Shepherd.

There's something fantastic about shaving your husband and helping him to feel SO MUCH BETTER.

He was so itchy for him.

And of course it breaks my heart that he can't scratch.

He's got this 'dry skin here, oily skin there' issue that makes not having a beard preferable.

I was happy to do it. And how handsome does he look?


  1. Handsome with a capital H. I'll always love his pearlie white teeth too! Ever since your wedding day, I have remembered his happy smile. Hope y'all have a super great weekend. I think about you so often. Randall does too. He's always asking, "How is Jimmy & Jaimie doing?" Love to you, gail-n-randall

  2. AWE Momma (tam tam) loves it but if it makes you feel better is all that matters......


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