I Now Know What An HDMI Cable Is...

After Jimmy's crash, after the slow healing started -- I realized I had to get back to real life. I had to take care of our household.

I had to do lots of digging to find out how to pay Jimmy's bills. I am so beyond grateful that he's organized and kept a list of what bills need to be paid and when.

I had to take over paying our utility bills. Jimmy was really good about just telling me what I owed and when.

I had gotten really used to that.

Another thing I had gotten used to after living with Jimmy for years: his cooking. I was always a decent cook. Average at best. Not great, not horrible. Jimmy comes into my life and blows me out of the water. He can do that thing with the frying pan where you flip loose veggies (or whatever) in the air.


His specialty is grilling meats, as you may know. I hate I never had him teach me how to grill. For some odd reason, I'm scared of grills. Jimmy would have nipped that one in the bud with one learning session, had I asked.

I got comfortable with the fact that I'd never have to do that. That was his thing.

Other things that he did, that I often didn't: took out the garbage, stood in line at the post office, cooked the majority of the things we ate, budgeted, hooked up anything with wires, installed things, fixed computers, unclogged drains... the list goes on.

I was sad about these things for months. He took pride in being able to manage half the household, if not more.

But I took control, head on. That's what was needed.

Now I'm at a place where I can appreciate it all. I've learned so many new things. And thank God, I have the wonderful presence of my wonderful husband to verbally guide me along the way.

I made an entire Thanksgiving dinner -- all by myself! I shocked myself with this one.

Jimmy totally would've done this himself. Especially the bird.

I sat down, decided what I wanted to make, and freaking did it. Much of it homemade, mind you.

I now know what an HDMI cable is, where it goes, and why you need it! Jimmy has even shared with me the website where you can purchase these pricey cables for dirt cheap.

I have taken over all of the bills, and managed to improve our credit scores. I've created a master filing system. I have a desk now. (I also have a cute little teal stapler and purple paper clips.)

I have cooked meats! Pot roast, pork tenderloin, chicken, beef... (Not nearly as good as Jimmy's, though.) I made homemade eggplant parmesean! I made my favorite soup that Jimmy always used to make for me. It was edible and everything.

I haven't grilled yet, but I know Jimmy will teach me when the time comes.

I've learned my way around this crazy town. Well, for the most part. And with the help of my TomTom. When we get a car, I'll be able to get us around. That's kind of huge for me.

I now know what an NFL insider does, and even follow one on Twitter. What? I watch more SportsCenter than I EVER EVER EVER thought I would. You might even call me a sports fan.


I have a favorite player, and know his signature touchdown move. I guess I even have a favorite team, even if it's via marriage. Jimmy bought me a sports hoodie. A really cute one. I wear it on gameday. That's just crazy talk.

Before all this I didn't give a crap about sports. Most people know this about me.

Aside from the day to day stuff, I still deal with the paperwork that comes with anything accident-realted. Nurses, medication, Shepherd Center stuff -- all the while being there with Jimmy every step of the way so he's not alone.

All the new stuff he's learning, I'm trying to learn, too.

I'm learning and manage more than I ever though I would.

Full-time wife. Full-time housemaker. Full-time agent.


  1. Adore your blog post. You are such an amazing writer. Guessing the HDMI was for that Apple TV eh? Love you guys!!!

  2. Jaimie I love reading your blogs you forgot to list writer as one of your many accomplishments. I think a book is in the works for you tell your story from the side of the caregiver. It would be a best seller I'm sure of it.
    You know how much the Scarpa's are routing for you two (except on game day haha) In our thoughts always.

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