My Night in Paris

While Jimmy was hanging with the guys at Philips Areana for the game, I was boozing it up in France
Not really.
But boy did us girls do it up right at this fabulously wonderful place in Buckhead called Bistro Niko.
A little slice of heaven right here in Atlanta. The place was absolutely packed. Even the bar... it was hard to order a drink while we waited. I keep forgetting that there are millions of people here in this city, and they like to eat big. All days of the week.
First of all, I should explain that I'm lately obsessed with Paris. The images, the food, the language. I want to be there.
This place was perfect for me to 'get away.'
My food truck-ownin' friend and I went. The good thing about Jamie is -- because of her recent culinary explorations, she is a fellow foodie.
She appreciates butter, cream and cheese just as I do.
We ordered a massive appetizer spread.
These cheesy butter croissant balls....
a bacon onion tart...
and pork shoulder spread.
Jamie wanted to try something we normally wouldn't. Next to this item on the menu read 'Very French."
I tried it. It wasn't horrible. Tasted a little like tuna. But you know... "When in Rome...." (or a restaurant in Atlanta that has foreign-ish items on the menu.)
Dinner was devine.
I had twin tenderloins with brandied musroom cream sauce and sauteed spinach. Jamie was adventurous and tried the veal that was recommended. This is a picture of my food... I forgot to take a picture of it before I dove in.
Can I just tell you about what we had to drink? Jaime introduced me to an awesome new liquor awhile back called St. Germain. It's an Elderflower liquor that is so, so, SO good. And mixed with champagne, it's even better.
These folks here at the Bistro have a signature drink that consists of St. Germain, champagne and club soda. And these are few of my favorite things.
All throughout dinner, we kept saying... "Jimmy would love this..." or "Jimmy would order this..." I missed him so much. Eating out was one of our favorite things to do. New, fancy, fun places. He loved to take me out.
Mark my words though, we will get him there.
For dessert, our wonderful waiter recommended the hazelnut tea cake to me. I think a different day I would have loved it. But that night, I wanted something creamy and rich, perhaps chocolately.
Of course Jamie got something chocolately and yummy looking. Dang it.
What a wonderful night it was. We were the last one's in the dinning room. Closed it down!


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