What Qualifies?

Someone today texted me and asked... "Are you having a good day?"

It got me thinking... What's a good day, these days?

Well, this morning we had a good business-type meeting. Business in the morning... shouldn't it be that way?

Then I decided to go to the mall. Jimmy needed a new pair of jeans, and I had a gift card!
It's always dangerous when I do that. I think I can get tons because of a $30 gift card.

But I love to bring back Jimmy little surprises. He always used to do that for me. He loved to surprise me. Still does, actually.

He lives for the reaction.

Anyways, I got him a new hat, some jeans (because he's slowly starting to wear more of those) and a shirt.

When I came home, Jimmy was off the ventilator! He was so proud to tell me that he had been off for two hours. He said, "I feel good." That's after the hour he did in the morning. Sometimes going off the ventilator makes him feel not so good, so this is a plus. He also pointed out that his voice is getting stronger while off the vent. That's a good sign, as well.

He got back on the vent, and said he wanted to play on his computer.

This week, Jimmy got his new computer with voice-activated software.

He is still learning it -- it's gonna be a process. But he can totally do Facebook, read the news, etc -- all by himself.

Then we had dinner and watched TV and visited with our Atlanta friends before heading off to bed.

That to me -- qualifies as a good day.


  1. you don't need makeup it's a darling picturelove mama


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