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Our dear friend Brian wrote a blog about us recently after a local TV news station did a story on Jimmy and I.

Brian lives in Illinois now, but we go way back from our South Carolina TV news days.

Him and Jimmy go even further (farther?) back.

He was part of our TV family. But now, he's just family.

Always encouraging. Always supportive.

And now I talk his ear off (via text) about what ever new thing is happening with my tennis. He used to play as well.

We both blog now.   When I first made the decision to start writing about what was happening with Jimmy, he was my biggest supporter.

He said its very therapeutic. He was so right.

Brian always will be a better writer than I, but I constantly learn from him. Always have. Even back when we worked the crappy overnight shift together. He was such a good mentor.

Fast forward about 7 years...

I'll never forget the day we got moved from the Shepherd Center ICU to the rehab floor. Brian got in a car, drove from IL and surprised us... just casually walking into our room.

His hair was still red, and so were his eyes! He looked so tired.

A dear, dear friend.

We both love our Brian. 
He wrote these sweet words on his blog.

From Brian's blog:

"This story has a personal connection and for those of you out there who aren’t familiar with what that is from previous posts, I’ll explain right after you take a look:

Those are two dear friends of mine in that video. I’ve known Jimmy for a decade and Jaimie for nearly that long. Both are wonderful human beings. Full of life and as the video shows, full of love for each other.

As is mentioned in the video, their one year anniversary is coming up. I was at their wedding, less than two months before the day that changed their lives, but not the love they share.

Their smiles through the difficult times that neither of them ever thought they would have to endure are powerful reminders to me that no matter what happens in life, there is always room for joy.

Their positive attitudes are, for lack of a better word, awesome and I just thought I’d share their story with you today. Perhaps it will inspire you as much as it continues to inspire me.

Keep smiling, you two. Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!"


  1. Love you guys! You've always been great friends to me and I consider you family, too. Keep the tennis texts coming :)


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