From Ann

The following is a Facebook comment from a lady named Ann. Ann came to visit us a few times during our inpatient stay, without even knowing us. We have a mutual friend. She even brought us cupcakes one time. Her son's name is Jake. He spent several months in the brain injury unit at Shepherd after suffering from a stroke at the age of 19.

Her comment was too good for just Facebook.

"For once I am speechless which does me no good in trying to communicate with you regarding the news segment on the journey that you and Jimmy have been on TOGETHER. Oh great, now I am losing it again trying to write you but Jaimie, they are tears of respect, admiration, some understanding, joy, and hope of a great life for the two of you. The challenges are a given ... But Jaimie, within those challenges, I still see you as a couple who will experience a great love story and continue impact and help others with your story. P.S. just returned from Chicago ... May be spending more time in Atl in the near future. Will explain later but look forward to seeing the two of you!"

-- Ann Nicolopulos


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