Her Stolen Colon

I am inspired.

A former newsie co-worker is having surgery tomorrow.

She's having her colon removed.

You see, she has Crohn's disease. Crohn's is a form of an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

For many, many years, Stephanie has been dealing with many painful symptoms which have resulted in several hospitalizations. At one point, Stephanie dropped down to 50 pounds.

After a recent hospital stint, and a lot of time pouring over her options, she's made a major decision.

Tomorrow morning, at a hosptial in Chapel Hill, NC, she'll be getting a colostomy.

Her most recent blog post shows her "little blue dot."

It shows where her stoma (surgically-created opening) will be. I think the 'blue dot' concept is to get her used it, and also so they could pick exactly where her stoma will go.

That opening in her stomach is where her waste will leave her body and empty into a bag, that she'll then have to empty herself.

(Jimmy has a stoma. But his stoma is where his trach is.)

This is a serious life-changing surgery.

Having gone through everything Jimmy and I have, maybe I'm so much more sensitive to medical, life-altering events.

I truly feel for her, as many people do for me and Jimmy. And I'm happy her husband remains a strong, shoulder to lean on. She'll need him through this.

I admire her strength and courage to talk about this procedure openly in a blog.

Her blog is StolenColon.com

Her name is Stephanie.

I'll be thinking of her tomorrow.


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