Monday, June 25, 2012

Mattress Nostalgia

This post is probably inappropiate and unnecessary.

It's about my mattress. Well, Jimmy's old mattress. Well, our old mattress.

I forgot, we're married. Mi casa, su casa... yada yada.

This is the last night I'll be sleeping on it.

And it's bumming me the heck out.

First of all, getting rid of anything from our "past life" is always difficult. But, I'm a sentimental freak anyways.

Jimmy's mattress was around before I was. Which, if I think about too long, could be really gross.

But, it was there from our beginning.

And without getting too punny, has gone the distance.

It's been with us through four different addresses together.

Myrtle Beach, SC. Our first apartment together.

Piedmont, SC. We lived here the longest together.

Greer, SC. The apartment we had right after we got married, right before the accident.

And Atlanta, GA. Where we live now.

When I had to start sleeping in our bed alone, it was depressing and heartbreaking.

It was no way to be.

Alone. In my own room. On OUR bed.

Left to find a new way to sleep.

Squeezing pillows and sobbing.

Oof. Tough stuff.

Lots of loving, laughing, fighting, crying, talking, giggling, thinking, writing, and TV-watching in this ole thing.

It's got this really annoying squeak that I've gotten used to over the years.

Tomorrow, I'll get into a new bed that doesn't squeak, won't hurt my back, will finally allow some decent rest... and I'll miss the stupid old one.

But, I intend to get a nurse to help me transfer Jimmy into the new bed so he can help me make some new stories in it.

In another 8-10 years, hopefully I'll miss my new mattress as much.

Sobs, sobs, sobster.

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  1. Getting rid of some of your possessions is difficult for everyone,
    especially if they’ve made a lot of memories with that certain belonging.
    But it doesn’t mean that you’re throwing away those good memories as well.
    Change is always good. A new mattress can give you and your husband a more comfortable and decent sleep.
    Well, I hope by now you were able to purchase a new mattress and make new memories with it. :)
    {Jimmy Colwell}