On July 4th, I'll be racing in AJC's Peachtree Road Race 10K. They shut down one of the city's busiest roads while thousands of runners pound the pavement.

This will be my first 10K, ever.

While I was registering, they asked for the reason why I'm doing the race.

Of course my inspiration is Jimmy.

I explained everything that happened recently with us and how I hope my husband will be waiting for me at the finish line, just as he was for my first 5K.

Shortly after I submitted my registration to the Road Race, a reporter from WSB-TV here in Atlanta contacted me and said the organization passed on our story to him.

Don McClellan, who was been at WSB for a half a century, came out to interview Jimmy and me this week.

He says it will be one of a six part series that will air leading up to race day.

Pretty cool stuff.

**Attached is an image from Don's blog, where he writes little tidbits about his stories, etc.  He included us the day before and the day of our interview.


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