The Past Few Months In Photos

I realized I have over one-thousand photos on my phone. So with the help of a new app, I collaged some pictures of what we've been up to the last few months. There were a few things we did where I didn't take any photos -- which sucks. There are also some people who I didn't get any photos of at these events. Sorry, Mom and Dads. I still love you.


Trip to Columbia for our friend Kim's 'Welcome Baby Rory' party. It was one of the first day trips we had taken -- also in our new van. It's rare all of us are together, so I'm glad we went and got to visit. The guys built a ramp for Jimmy to be able to get into the house. That was pretty awesome.

My cousin Lori's wedding in Youngstown, OH. This was the first time I left Jimmy since his accident. I flew there, squeezed a hell of a lot into three days, and flew home. In the meantime, Jimmy was getting the royal treatment by our friends in Atlanta -- Jamie and Raf. I was born in Youngstown but moved to Myrtle Beach, SC with my mom and big brother when I was 3-ish. I used to go back for summer and Christmas when I was young. As I got older and started working, it was less and less, unfortunately. I think it has been at maybe a decade since I had been back. There was uncles and other family I visited with that I hadn't seen in at least 7 or 8 years. It was good, familiar and comforting. Food for the healing soul. 


On the very first day of June, we went back to the Upstate of South Carolina. This was also another day trip. A very long day, but well worth it. This was the first time back since Jimmy and I both left Greenville on August 23rd, 2011. That was the day when Jimmy was getting flown to The Shepherd Center. I packed some stuff for me and him and drove to the city in my car. Driving back to SC was exciting and familiar but also extremely emotional. We had to drive over the exact place on the interstate where Jimmy's accident happened. I lost it. I was trying to prepare myself for Jimmy to become emotional, but he doesn't have the vivid memories of that day as I do.
Once we pulled into WSPA, we were greeted with so many happy faces. It was amazing. Of course there was also a TV camera fired up and all on Jimmy. He loved it. From there, we had an amazing lunch, saw some great people, and then went to the other station where Jimmy worked, WYFF. This crew didn't really know we were coming, so there was a lot of excitement there. Of course I forgot to take pictures. Probably because we were there during a live newscast. After that, dinner with a dear friend and her family. Then we hit the road.

We also visited the aquarium. I wasn't expecting a lot since we visited the amazing aquarium in New Orleans while on our honeymoon. But this one was good, too. We had a really fun time playing tourists. The belugas: breathtaking. One of my favorite moments was when one of the white whales was doing it's business -- a little kid pointed and said, "Daddy, why is there smoke in the water?" Dad patted son on the head and said, "That's not smoke, son. Let's go."
We also learned that we'll never eat there again. Goodness me. It was $35 for Jimmy and I to eat chicken fingers, french fries, a turkey sandwich and some drinks. Jimmy's food was cold. Okay. Vent over.

This is me getting ready for The Emmy's. I took these pictures and sent them to friends to see how I should wear my hair, and what shoes I should go with.
Gotta love being a girl.

We had a blast at the actual ceremony in Atlanta and felt so grateful our station asked us to attend for our nomination -- Best Newscast. We wined and dined, and got to schmooze with lots of cool news people. We heard some veteran award winners give some really inspirational speeches. We didn't win an Emmy that night, but both will forever be Emmy-Nominated. Which rocks.

On June 11, 2012, Jimmy and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary.  Went out to eat Italian and had a wonderful time. I mean, it was so beyond fun. I only took one picture, though. We ate. We drank. We laughed. Our nurse sat in the lobby and waited on us so we could have the table to ourselves. It felt very.... normal.

A few days later, Jimmy's old roommate and his family were in town for the Braves v. Yankees series. We met them for one of the games. It took us two hours to get to the stadium, even though we live less  than 7 miles away. It was also raining hard and they had run out of handicapped parking. BUT. Once we got inside, and got fed, we were golden.

In later June, we tackled our first actual beach trip. Think there were 8 of us total shacked up in this big beach house on Edisto Island, SC. A lot of logistics to work out and a whole lot of challenges. But we made it work. Jimmy got to relax on the sand and enjoy the beach.  There were lots of memories made that week.


On July the Fourth, we went to Lenox Square to watch some spectacular fireworks. We ate some good Ibiza Bites food, sat, relaxed and experienced some odd and interesting characters passing by. A good time had by all. The 10K I was supposed to run in was that morning. I had gotten dehydrated and sick from another outdoor activity a few days prior, and the doctor urged me not run. I'm glad we went out that night, though. It was the first time I had actually gotten dressed and done something in days.


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