Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Under Construction

Updated: More changes, again.

This is my new, new look. I am absolutely in love with it. Blog designer Becky did a phenomenal job. These are a great group of girls who do these blogs. I highly recommend them. The are so patient with the most indecisive clients (me).

Some of the links are still under construction.

Here's are some of the changes you'll see:

*Grab it button: You can copy the code and put it on your website/blog and it links folks to my blog. How handy!

*Social networking buttons: There are buttons for Jimmy's CaringBridge site, my Pinterest page, my Twitter page and of course my email.

*The navigation bar: when this is done, there will be all kinds of information on Spinal Cord Injuries -- new articles and cool accessibility features. I'll also list and link to my favorite blogs and sites. Jimmy has his own page, and so do I. I'll add photos as I snap them and much more.

I'm really happy with the photo booth strip in the banner. I had a vision with that -- presented it to Becky and she nailed it.

Welcome to The Flying Tire, 2.0.

I think I'll keep this one for awhile.
Posted July 2nd

You may have noticed some much-needed changes to my blog. I've been working with my great blog designer, Jenn, at The Cutest Blog On The Block to get a new look. I ran the mock-up by a lot of friends, and got lots of input -- but this is what I decided on as the final product.

With the help of another friend, I've got a new name as well.

Welcome to "The Flying Tire."

I thought this blog title was perfect.

It was a flying tire that changed our lives forever.  The events that followed could never be expected.

I'll write about our new life and my raw reaction, our challenges and victories. I'll also write about things like shoes, people that suck, people that rock, hair and make-up and all that other kind of stuff, as I always have.

Hope you enjoy the new look!