Best Brunch Ever?

I was running errands one day late last week when I stopped in one of my new favorite brunch locales, The Flying Biscuit -- not be confused with The Flying Tire.

I was starving but didn't want to blow the diet.... completely.  I wanted something semi-healthy and hearty.

I got...

Egg-Ceptional Eggs...
Two large farm fresh eggs over medium, on black bean cakes topped with oven-roasted tomatillo salsa, feta cheese & sour cream served with creamy dreamy grits.

First of all... James Walter and I had the best grits of our life at a place called Refuel in New Orleans while on our honeymoon.  These 'creamy dreamy grits' are the only that have come close to Refuel's. I brought some home to Jimmy and he agreed with a head shake and an audible "mmmm..." as he ate his first bite.

The biscuits are amazing. Clearly. Namesake.  Mine came with cranberry-apple butter. Tastes like friggin' Christmas.

Eggs over medium? My favorite. Black bean cakes? Protein-a-mundo. Tomatillo salsa? My favorite of all the salsas. Feta? Perfection. Real, non-light sour cream? I eat it on occasion and demand it's highly underrated.

You clearly have to be in the mood for something wild and wacky. 

I die. 


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