I bought a gratitude journal today. I was introduced to this magical, wonderful, beautiful place called The Paper Source.

I take this shiz serious.

Pens, paper, stationary, stamps.

Coffee table books.
Desk gadgets.

Wrapping paper by the sheet on racks lining the entire outside of the store!

Every pattern you could think of from eggs & bacon, beer bottles, glitter, The Eiffel Tower, maps, peacock feathers... magical, I tell you!

So, I found this journal.

I've written on and off in a journal since I was in elementary school.

I wrote about crushes, my first kiss, my family life -- "my big brother farted in my room and played rap really loud! My little brother won't respect my privacy and my mom makes me do chores before I can go ANYWHERE on Saturday." The horror.

But I was really organized. There were rules for the journal. Well at that time -- The Diary.

Like, I'd write a boy's name in all caps at the top of the page. That would be the topic I'd be writing about for that day.

In my new journal, I don't write about boys everyday.

I write about grown-up stuff. With my watermelon-scented pen (which is one of the more fabulous things in life, by the way).

Today's topic was: "Pick out three things in your day that are beautiful. Take time to notice and appreciate them in the moment; then, when you get home, jot them down in your journal."

1) The Paper Source. Duh.
2) Magnificent French macaroons. Colorful, chewy, flavorful. I had two. Raspberry and Carrot.
3) Friendship moments. I spent half the day absolutely lolly gagging around cute parts of Atlanta with a dear friend -- by accident. It was long overdue.

I used to only write about sad and crying moments in my journal. Things I didn't want to burden friends and family with.

Here, I get an outlet to write about -- and look back on -- happy moments.

Things I'm grateful for.

Those things, I'm learning, do still exist.


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