Happy Life Day!

Last week, we had us a little Celebration of Life party to celebrate Jimmy's Life Day.

August 8, 2012 was our one-year-since (I kinda hate calling something like this an anniversary. I know it's hard to avoid all the time, but I'll avoid it at least in this sentence.)

Someone dear to me gave me the idea to hold a party to celebrate life instead of making it a day of mourning and grieving.

Just because we proclaim it a day of rainbows, sunshine and puppies doesn't mean certain emotions don't creep up. So, while I was cleaning for the party, I had some... moments.  Does this surprise anyone? No.

Tears and vacuuming. So Jaimie.

The party was on a Wednesday, which meant middle of the week, which meant horribly inconvenient for most people.

We had Atlanta friends over and one friend from Columbia who dared the drive.

Small group, but great group.

Jimmy with the guys of the group.
The girls sat on the other side of the room. Classic.

We had beef tenderloin on biscuits with horseradish, a mashed potato bar and asparagus. Thank God for my foodie friends who helped me. It would have been to-go Mexican or Dominoes or something random.

There was strawberry mojitos and a Belgium beer sampler.

There was a cupcake garden (I just made that up -- extremely cheesy. I realize this).

I found these candles that spelled out CELEBRATE. They were perfect.

We lit the candles and sang "Happy Life Day" to Jimmy.  It was a sweet moment. I felt like such a proud spouse.

I used white crepe paper to decorate because I thought it would be more "classy" versus colored crepe. Jimmy asked who TP'd our appartment. Great.

It wasn't a huge party and there were only a few people, but this time it was all about quality -- not quanity.

Before the party at 2:17pm, in true Jimmy fashion, Jimmy said, "Oh look. I was laying in the road at this time last year."

I know it sounds horrible and inappropriate but it's exactly something my dear Husband would say. If you know Jimmy well, this does not surprise you. Not one bit.

I gasped with a smile.

Then, we celebrated Jimmy's life. 

Let's do it again next year!


  1. Smiling.. at the Jimmy-ness of this. So happy God gave you the power to connect with words. You are so good at it. Thank you!


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