Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Does That Make You Feel?

How did I ever live life without therapy?

I mean... how do people who have so much frustration, anger and deep-rooted issues not know that life could be easier by talking about yourself for an hour a week.

I'm a believer, baby. 

I'd get a license plate that would read THRPYRULZ. And people would be confused, oh so confused.

I started going to therapy around the time Jimmy got discharged from The Shepherd Center as an inpatient. It was during that scary, transition into the home setting which sucked ass.

I have my own counselor and Jimmy has his. She's a cutie. She looks like Taylor Swift and is real perky. Maybe that's why he's not-so-hesitant to see her.

Mine is more along the lines of a psychologist you'd see in a movie. I mean, she doesn't say, "How does that make you feel?"

But she could and I would not be surprised.
We also have a couple's counselor we meet with together once a month.

This guy can pull crap out of Jimmy's brain... and I sit in amazement and watch as it floats into the mutual air.  I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

I need footnotes on the language to be able to extract these words from Jimmy's mouth.

Therapy has been my lifeboat on the freaking Titanic.

Little did I know... life goes on throughout a catastrophe. Other tragedies will happen (and did happen). Even as we lived in a hospital for months. Even as we were trying to catch our breath and adjust to a new city.

And as I continue to heal -- there's still tragedy and hardships all around me.

But I'd like to think I'm able to handle it all a little better now. Maybe therapy has even given me some tools (probably like Playschool ones -- but still) to help others.

I'm less sad. I cry less. I'm more constructive. I talk to Jimmy in a less sarcastic manner when I know it's important to do so. 

My doctor has totally called me out on my sarcastic overtones. Damn her.

I'm sure the fact that it's been a gosh-dern year since the accident has helped me regain some of my strength back.

Or maybe it's my awesome Doc. She's bad ass.

Highly recommended. Go get some help, people.

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  1. I went to my "counselor" for 7 years....after a 30 year marriage with grandchildren and divorce. It saved my life, gave me courage to start and succeed with my own business, be happy, understand my own problems, etc. I am so glad you have this and especially that Jimmy does. Just keep going...