We ate at this place tonight called Flip's Burger Boutique. Super trendy. Super Atlanta. 

Jimmy got a chicken-fried burger with pimento cheese called "The Southern" while I got a burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese called "The Butcher's Cut." 

The atmosphere was fun. We were with friends who help to make everything feel so easy. It was a super, duper double date.  And it's nice on nights like these that we were with a nurse who is social. Some nurses don't like to eat, or talk and keep to themselves. 

Sometimes that works perfectly for us. 

My burger was undercooked. Jamie's burger looked completely raw. 

Between the two screw-ups, the server and manager sent over free milkshakes (they are known for these) AND (!!!!) Key Lime Pie shots. 

I'm not usually a shots kind of gal, but these were delicioso.


Jimmy started to take his with a straw, as he drinks everything with a straw. He said, "No straw, it's a damn shot." 

Hells yeah. 


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