Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I logged onto my old MySpace page today.  I realized a couple things.

1) Poor MySpace. It wasn't all that bad.  Why did it have to die? 

2) I was way cuter when MySpace was around. Facebook apparently made me ugly. wtf? 

The URL I apparently made up for myself back in 2006 when I started my page was

Must have been during my nose ring phase...

This was around 2007 when I was still working at WPDE in Myrtle Beach. When you see any yellow in the picture at all -- that's usually what that means.

Found this gem under 'Profile Pics'. At what point did I think this was ever a good idea? PROFILE PIC? And, I probably couldn't afford it, but at least I was rocking the Starbucks.

Oh, I was so happy not to be working as a waitress anymore... even though I made more money....

Aha! My Face bling! It's teeny but it's there. I remember someone saying to me... "I've never known someone who wore a nose ring and listened to Ashlee Simpson." 

Nose bling again!  Oh the dirty comments I got on this one. I didn't care. It was my birthday.

Barfaroni! (Me, not Jimmy) This must be around the time Facebook popped up on my radar...

So I also used to do these questionnaires on myself all the time in the "Blogs" section of MySpace.
I'm going to cut and paste my 2007 answers and add my 2012 answers to compare Past Me and Present Me and compare. Funzies, right?

Quiz first taken on December 30, 2007

1. Which friend or family member's birthday is next?
2007:  Jamie Marvin's is today!
2012: Catherine Osborne

2. Take the letters in your name & switch them around. What else can you spell?

2007:  Mejaii
2012: Jeamii

3. Who do you call when you're upset?  

2007: Mom or boyfriend
2012: Therapist?

4. Do you have any mental disorders? 

2007: Still working to confirm that one...
2012: See above.

5. Do you watch the groundhog on groundhog day? 

2007: It's hard to avoid it at work... ugh.
2012: No.

6. How long was your longest relationship? 

2007: 2 years, i think.
2012: Coming up on 7 years...

7. What's your favorite possession? 

2007: I have several from when I was a child.
2012: Jimmy's wedding band, anything I can find with his handwriting; also a peridot heart charm I've kept from my Mom's old charm bracelet

8. What's the best snack in the world? 

2007:  Crackers and dip, chips and salsa... veggies and ranch... apples and peanut butter.
2012: Salty -- Extra sharp cheddar cheese and reduced fat Triscuits. Sweet: Dark chocolate chips melted in with natural peanut butter. Bananas dipped in.

9. Where did you have your first kiss?

2007:  I was in the fourth grade... with Johnathan. At least that's what my diary says.
2012: Yeah, I'll go with that I suppose.

10. How many things do you own that your parents don't know about?  

2007: Lots.
2012: Yep.

11. How many times can you spin around in circles without being dizzy? 

2007: 10? Who knows...
2012: Why did I spend my time answering these dumb ass questions?

12. Have you ever burnt something while trying to cook? 

2007: Uh, yeah.
2012: Quadruple that.

13. Have you ever played strip beer pong?  

2007: Nope. That's a new one.
2012: Ew.

14. Do you like ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together? 

2007: No. Mustard and Mayo. mixed, yes.
2012: Good to see some things never change.

15. Favorite color of yarn?

2007: Is that really a question... ???
2012: This question just makes me angry five years later.

16. Would you shave all your hair off for $20,000? 

2007: Yes.
2012: Still, yes.

17. How many cousins, aunts, uncles do you have? 

2007: Too many to count!!
2012: I'm so glad I didn't waste time trying to correctly answer that...

18. Have you ever been to the mountains? 

2007: Yes.
2012:  Yes. Again.

19. Ever took a bunch of straws and put the ends together to make one long one? 

2007: Yes.
2012: Oh, I did that for Jimmy recently.

20. Do you like to catch lightning bugs in jars? 

2007: I did all the time back in the day in Ohio when I was a kid.
2012: Aw, memories. Poor bugs that suffocated.

21. What are some of your favorite sounds? 

2007: OCEAN!
2012: Still the ocean. But also: coffee brewing, the sound of money being dispensed at the ATM, and Jimmy laughing.

22. What about smells? 

2007: Vanilla, fresh cut flowers... the ocean.
2012: Pretty much. Also, coffee.

23. What is your favorite Subway sub? 

2007: Tuna, or a pizza sub.
2012: Ew, Tuna? Now, ham and roast beef. Lots of pickles. Banana peppers. Mustard.

24. How many different teachers have you had in your entire life so far?  

2007: A lot... that's what happens when you go to school.
2012: Haha. Good answer, old me.

25. Did u know that if u point at someone, u have 3 fingers pointing back at u?  

2007: Yes. I have learned that one the hard way.
2012: Yeppers. (Holy shit, this is a long quiz)

26. Do you like big crowds? 

2007: Only like once or twice a year.
2012: Same.

27. Are you capable of using all of your senses? 

2007: Sure.
2012: Yes.

28. (Omitted)

2012: Omitted? Why?

29. Ever walked along a railroad track? 

2007: Not sure.
2012: Uhm, I think so...

30. Have you ever done anything strange with Windex? 

2007: Just the window-washing thing.
2012: ^what she said.

31. What age do you think is acceptable to get married? 

2007: At least wait for the 20's!
2012: ^what she said.  

32. Are you manipulative or manipulated?

2007:  No and... maybe.
2012: No and still... maybe.  

33. Do grammatically correct people annoy you?

2007:  No. I learn from them.
2012: I still love them.

34. As a child did you eat your vegetables? 

2007: Mom made me.
2012: Especially the ones covered in cheese.

35. If you were to get a tattoo of either a moon or a sun which would you pick?  

2007: Cresent Moon. Yay, G-Phi-B.
2012: Really, old me? Probably neither now. Well, maybe the moon still. And also, wonder when I learned to correctly spell crescent.

36. Do you yell at random people? 

2007: No, do you?
2012: ^Hahaha!

37. What school lunches did you like in elementary school? 

2007: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, rectangle pizza, crinkle cut french fries, grape slushies.
2012: AND, those fries dipped in my mustard/mayo combo.

38. What are your thoughts on mustard?  

2007: Love it!!
2012: Uhm -- see above.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've never owned pink shoes before.

I take that back.

I've never owned pink shoes... as a grown human.

This is my attempt to add some color back in my life.

I went all in. Or something.

Can't wait to partially cover them with jeans. 

A New Friend

My therapist thinks I'm an extrovert.

I was shocked by this revelation. I've always liked staying home, in my safety bubble, with my journal, and my clean house and my stuff.

I sometimes get weirded out when meeting new people. Crowds can intimidate me.

I had self-diagnosed myself as an introvert years ago... you know... with one of those magazine quizzes.  So scientific and official, right?

So when Doc told me she thought I was an extrovert I stopped her mid-sentence.

"What? Really?"

She said the psychologist's definition of an extrovert is different than the pop culture version. She went on to explain that an extrovert is someone that thrives around others. Gets their "batteries recharged from being around others." 

Batteries recharged? Cheeseball therapist talk. But I get it.

She noticed a pattern of me getting more sad when I'm alone. She gave me several homework assignments.

One of which was to meet people.

Well crap.

That's not easy. That's not easy in Atlanta. That's not easy when I'm sometimes weirded out around strangers.

I mean, what do I tell people?

"Hey... my therapist tells me I need to meet people. You wanna get a drink?"  Ew.

So when I met Kristy, I was relieved.

She attends the same tennis drills I do several times a week. We talked a few times and when I said that we should do something, sometime -- she lit up.  She was willing!

Annnnnd... she's normal. Not all Real Housewivy of Atlantaish.

So we had a drink after tennis drills last night. 

I texted Jimmy that I was having a drink with the tennis girl I had met.  He knew I was trying to be more social.

After we ordered our drinks, she asked me why I moved to Atlanta a year ago.

I told her everything.

I could see the empathy (and tears) in her eyes at the end of my story.

She said she had a sad story, too.

She told me she had a baby in June and that baby, Gabrielle, died.

She told me she also had a miscarriage last month.

On top of that, her husband's brother died of Leukemia late last year.

Holy hell.

And so when she said she couldn't understand why she was still so sad, I was shocked.

Her traumas are really, really recent.  How could she not be sad?  Lord knows I still get sad over a year later, and I didn't experience death.

She, like me, is seeing a therapist. She doesn't love it as much as I do, but I didn't love it in the beginning, either (Her therapist told her to meet people, as well).

I'm realizing I've changed since Jimmy's accident. I'm much more prepared in similar, sad, upsetting situations. I seem to connect better with people who have gone through hardships, or are currently going through hardships.

But at the same time, I can have issues dealing with high-stress, everyday situations. Negativity is something I cannot handle so well anymore.

With that said, I think meeting Kristy was a good thing.

I think we are going to help each other immensely through our... stuff.

Now for the next homework assignment via my therapist: wearing brighter colors...

Friday, September 21, 2012


I found another blog I'm in love with.

Sometimes simply reading a blogger's About Me-type section has me hooked.

This blogger loves, "Jesus, gay people, adoption, rearranging furniture." She says, "In combining all my loves, I have asked Jesus to help me adopt Nate Berkus."

This is how I knew she was witty, a simple quality that has me returning to a blog.

I found she has been through some hardships, and her blog -- like mine -- helps her to heal.

She's a recovering bulimic and alcoholic.  The news that she was pregnant in 2002 changed her life. She says she never had another drink, cigarette, drug, unhealthy relationship, or food binge.

This is the part of her 'About Me' I felt the most connected with:

"I write this blog because it’s part of my healing process. Healing starts fresh each morning. I pour myself out and drink you all in. Because sharing life’s brutiful is what connects us and makes us less afraid. Life can’t be stuffed down with food or booze or exercise or work or cutting or shopping for long. Hiding from life causes its own unique pain, and it’s lonely pain. We have to Live – we have to show up for ourselves and each other – even when it hurts. It’s the only way through.

Showing up at Momastery heals me- as do fresh air, deep breaths, yoga, the sun, church, friend time, water in any form, messages from you, feeding myself well, my Sister, snuggling my dog, and reading anything written honestly.

Shopping does not help me heal, but I will die trying to disprove that."

Reading anything written honestly. I try to do that, and love to read honestly-written things. It's important to me right now.

Someone who knows me well told me yesterday, "Sass (that's what she calls me....) I always thought you were super private, but your blog reveals so much. We see into your lives. Thanks for opening it to the world."

I guess I'm learning I'm not super private anymore, and that in order to heal I need not to hide everything away.

As always, thanks for reading my little blurbs.

And thanks to a reader/commenter who stumbled on my blog and pointed me in the direction of Momastery.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Steepness Of The Hill

I took the following excerpt from a New York Times article called What Are Friends For? A Longer Life
Last year, researchers studied 34 students at the University of Virginia taking them to the base of a steep hill and fitting them with a weighted backpack.

They were then asked to estimate the steepness of the hill. Some participants stood next to friends during the exercise, while others were alone.

The students who stood with friends gave lower estimates of the steepness of the hill. And the longer the friends had known each other, the less steep the hill appeared.

“People with stronger friendship networks feel like there is someone they can turn to,” said Karen A. Roberto, director of the center for gerontology at Virginia Tech. “Friendship is an undervalued resource. The consistent message of these studies is that friends make your life better.”

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Past and Pancakes

Holy crap. I woke up this morning in tears. I must have been dreaming about Jimmy. 

I woke up on my side of the bed, sleeping on my side. 

Something about the way I sleeping... and the way I woke up... and Jimmy's bedside tables... it all reminded of a memory.  A very specific memory. 

When Jimmy used to work the day shift, or when he was called in early, he'd walk around to my side of the bed and kiss my sleeping face as to say goodbye.  I'd hear the door close and lock. 

This random 'sometimes' moment woke me this morning and immediately brought tears to my eyes. 

It felt real for a second, and when I opened my eyes and realized, well, the reality -- I missed Jimmy. 

Waking up in tears is something that is not normal for me. 

Luckily, I had therapy today. 

I explained to her that I continue to grieve and mourn Jimmy from our past life.  I remember from one of our first sessions my therapist asking me if memories were comforting or painful.  

I immediately replied -- painful. 

Not sure that will ever change.   

I told my dear therapist I sometimes equivalate these feelings to death, or how a spouse could feel after a death. The grieving and mourinng. I know it's not the same. I feel very lucky that I can go hug my living, breathing husband.  

But sometimes remembering stuff sucks.  Knowing we can never go back.  

I get sucked into the past very easily.   

After my session today, I ran some errands. Had lunch at a new spot by my house I've been wanting to try. I got Jimmy some flat iron steak to-go. Went to the post office and then came home to a husband who was sleeping. 

When he finally did wake up, he was a little loopy. When he's loopy, he gets vulgar. It's kind of hilarious. 

When he snapped out of that, he was very engaged in what I had to say. 

I told him about therapy, about my morning memory. Even the fact that I tend to mourn the loss of the 'old' him.  He seemed to understand. It makes sense. He was sympathetic. 

After all the talking today, and the crying earlier in the day -- I had strong urges for food. The comfort kind.  
I'm damn lucky there wasn't a whole cake sitting on my counter. I would have taken it out. 

I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes for supper.  A little powdered sugar.  I didn't even wait until the first one finished cooking before I started eating it. 

Right off the griddle.  Who does that? I nearly burned my freakin' fingers off.  

God that shit was good. 

Who says chocolate doesn't heal?

I'm happy that all of today's events led to me a healthy conversation with my husband on how I was feeling. He's not always down for hearing about my "woe is me" episodes.  I don't blame him.  I'm not sure, but he may have enough stuff going on. 

I'm also glad I ate chocolate chip pancakes. 

My bum is not.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thank You

Being that Jimmy's accident happened less than two months after our wedding, I lost track of wedding thank yous.
Maybe I sent some out after the accident. I'm sure those people were shocked. But not even sure about that. I know there are several people who gave us gifts who didn't get get a thank you.
I know you understand.
But just in case -- here. 
This is the thank you I had made up with some of the pictures taken from the wedding. 
To the many of you who traveled a great distance (even those who didn't) and brought us wedding goodies, thank you so much.  To those who were there to witness our big day, thank you.  To those who made the best of some questionable music circumstances, thanks!
To those who drank too much and vandalized our wedding photo -- look away! This nice blog post is not for you! (I will find you, you drunks!)
We made lots of memories that night. We laughed, danced, drank and were in the best of company.  
For many, that was the last time they saw Jimmy able-bodied.
So a wonderful, but maybe difficult memory for some.
A great night, nonetheless.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 22nd

I'm kind of heartbroken about this. We won't be able to attend the wedding of our dear friends Aaron and Julie.

Julie is Jimmy's best female friend.

I admit. I was kind of jealous of her when Jimmy and I started dating. I didn't understand their relationship and why he held her on a pedestal.

I didn't get it, therefore -- jealously.

Julie and Aaron came to our wedding. I remember having a wonderful, perfectly normal, down-to-earth conversation with them although I was nervous about meeting her.  It was fine. She was great. I immediately loved them.

Jimmy's accident brought us a whole lot closer. Julie was very involved... all the way from Boston. She talked to Jimmy a lot -- asking him loads of questions. She is a TV news reporter, after all. 

They also came to The Shepherd Center when we were still inpatient and they came to Jimmy's first post-injury birthday party in Myrtle Beach.  I remember watching the sweetest moment between them.

Julie and Jimmy were saying goodbye at the end of the evening. Julie was crying. Which -- I'm learning -- isn't abnormal behavior for her. My heart melts when I see how much she cares for him.

I was starting to get it.

A lot of people care for Jimmy. A lot. We've learned this throughout everything. But Julie and Jimmy have a bond (actually, I'm quite convinced Julie is the female version of Jimmy. Throwing f-bombs around and such. It's hilarious to see their similarities). 

This is why it was so hard to come to the decision that we wouldn't be able to make it to their Massachusetts wedding.  When it was time to decide, it all felt so overwhelming for us. The trip alone would be 14-16 hours. 

Maybe it was me that felt more overwhelmed. But luckily, Jimmy saw that and respected that. We made the very tough decision not to go.

It's really hard. We should be there. We should repay them the favor for everything they've done for us.

Luckily, we know they are two very understanding people.

It was just a few weeks ago when Julie texted me and told me that instead of favors at their wedding, they were going to be making a donation -- in Jimmy's name -- to The Shepherd Center.

Uhm, tears.

What an amazing honor.

I mean... no favors at a wedding? Jimmy needs to know what a huge sacrifice this is. I will make him aware.

We're so very thankful to Julie and Aaron for everything they've done.  We so wish we could be there. Julie will be gorgeous, because she always is. Aaron is such a cutie-patootie and will look amazing in a tux.

Maybe we'll get some champagne on their wedding day and make a toast to the happy couple, from Atlanta.

We're so happy for them.
This is the donation announcement that will sit on each table.
We're so grateful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vintage Jimmy

I came across these photos while working on a project. Jimmy is not going to be happy about this. Actually, he may be. He may say he was "hot" at any age. Was he not the cutest kid ever with that pile of curly hair?
Then... it started to grow... just a little (a lot) in the back.
This is really where our age difference shows. Steely Dan was never a favorite band of mine and I was too young to remember this hairstyle being popular.  Like, elementary school young. 
Although, I vaguely remember a time when my uncle used to get the back of his hair permed and thinking that was normal.  
God bless photos.

Don't worry. I told Jimmy I'd post my old Glamour Shots when I found them. I'm pretty sure I was wearing a United States flag -- leather -- jacket. Hair teased. A whole lot of make-up. 

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Bed by Eight

What a long day. I'm in bed. It's not even double digits yet. Jimmy and I are both exhausted. He didn't have the best reaction to his new diabetic medication. I stayed up way too late last night. Cleaned today and made homemade soup.

It's one of those nights I could definitely fall asleep on his chest.  Sometimes separate beds suck.


And Then I Ate...

I found out today my husband was diabetic.

Don't think it's his fault, though. It's seems to be related to, or because of his accident. Things beyond our control.

Here's my CaringBridge journal on our visit to the Endocrinologist.

It could be sad if you think about it. But it seems pretty manageable, so we're choosing not to be sad.

However... I may have had a weird reaction.

After I found out, I met a dear friend for a coffee/lunch gathering. I had the need to eat things. Things I knew Jimmy couldn't have now. A chocolaty dessert.

Evil, right?

I also secretly had a piece of cheese pizza after tennis. And popcorn. Chocolate milk.

I don't normally eat so much crap in one day.

Nothing even remotely low-carb.

Was it my way of bidding farewell? One last indulgence?


I do feel like Jimmy's new diet will help me to eat better, though. I don't want him to feel completely abandoned with all these changes.

He loves food just as I do.

It's totally cheesy marriage stuff, but I want him to feel like we're in it together. Tony Robbins style, y'all.

I can do low(ish)-carb, high protein.

And also, maybe he doesn't always have to know if I have a piece of dark chocolate mousse at Cafe Intermezzo.

If he did -- he probably wouldn't care. I would just talk about how damn good it was a whole lot less.

Diabetes is a little scary for me. I think the disease could have started my Grandmother and Uncle on the path to their eventual deaths. My mother has diabetes but has learned from them. With some bicycle riding and some better eating she is no longer taking insulin.  Doesn't need to. I'm a very proud daughter because of that.

Me and my brothers have learned as well. We are all very active. We know what we need to be eating.  We are Italian, though.  Splurging is a part of it.

I think it's more important than ever that I remain healthy.

But to remain mentally healthy... well this includes chocolate.

Moderation, maybe not always in the wide open, and knowing that this disease is all around me.

It's waiting for me to massively slip up.

I shall not.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Everywhereist

It always makes for a good day when your favorite professional blogger READS YOUR BLOG and COMPLIMENTS YOU ON IT.

I mean, who I am I?

This thing I do... I call it venting consistently while hoping for someone to just read along.

This lady made Time Magazine's Best Blogs of 2011. Today she wrote about Viagra Gelato. My hero.

I totally retweeted that crap today. It was hilarious. She tweeted back! She read my blog, our story, and told me it made her all goosebumpy and teary. She told me to keep up the awesome work.

Whether she was talking about what I do day-to-day in my journey with Jimmy or my writing about it -- I don't know. It was nice to get some feedback from someone like that, either way. She's kind of a celeb to me..

Her blog name is The Everywhereist. Her name is Geraldine. She rocks that name... and a nose ring.

Geraldine started her blog (I think) after she got laid off. She sees it as a blessing now because she gets to travel with her super-cool husband, Rand. They live in Seattle.

He gets to go to all sorts of places for work. I'm highly jealous of their travels.

She recently had a brain tumor. She had freaking brain surgery! It appears she's better now.

I mean, we've been through a lot but brain tumor/brain surgery carry a certain level of scardypantness I don't know if I could deal with. Although, I wouldn't have thought I could ever handle having a husband with a spinal cord injury.

That happened before I started reading her blog, but I caught myself up. Let's put it this way: it made reading about a brain tumor enjoyable.

She's witty, clever, creative, real and has a much larger vocabulary than I. Sometimes I have to look things up.

Okay, that's enough female-crushing for tonight.

Geraldine: keep doing what you're doing. You continue to pave the way...

I'm gonna go read a dictionary now.

Just kidding. I'm going to watch Frasier re-runs.

Which is like reading a dictionary at times...

Monday, September 3, 2012

We'll Always Have New Orleans...

I keep getting updates from restaurants and landmarks in New Orleans on re-opening following the recent hurricane.

I can't help but think about the memorable time we had there last year on our Honeymoon.

New places with Jimmy are always an adventure. He likes to ask questions, make pals, and establish routines. He's much more of a planner than I. I adore this about him.

We really didn't know what to expect. We had never been. I guess we thought it would be like Charleston. It kind of was -- times 100. Everyone kept telling us it had culture. It had culture, alright.

The air surrounding our hotel smelled of fresh garbage. It was a interesting start as our cab driver dropped us off at the hotel on St. Charles.

We took it all in stride. Part of the experience. The strippers in the doorways of clubs on Bourbon Street. Yep, all in stride...

Everything we did was new, exciting -- and we were married! I was floating on a big, fluffy cloud.  

The food. Oh my God. There were three days in the middle of the week when I was sick. I mean, sick. The rich, creamy, fatty food I had suddenly allowed myself to eat, after dieting for the wedding, was getting it's revenge on me.

I won't get into details. I'll just say, at one point I was brown-bagging Pepto. Fit right in.

Our NOLA native friend got us reservations at Emeril's Delmonico one night, midweek. This place was legit. We had like five different servers who all did different things. I ordered a fabulously juicy steak with an $8 side of mashed potatoes! But I was siiiiiccck. I made myself sit there and try to enjoy it.

The picture of me that Jimmy took that night... I was pale. Maybe green a little in the face.

Jimmy was already proving his husband worthiness.  All I wanted to do go was back to the hotel and lie down. I told him he could go with his friend for the night since I was gonna be out for the count.

He said he wasn't going to leave me on our Honeymoon (right move -- he passed the test) but he'd just go sit in the hot tub. 

This kid and hot tubs. I never understood it.

At one point, I went out to check on him -- he had a Miller Lite, a cigar and the biggest smile imaginable.  Didn't take much.

He was so happy.

It was a wonderfully exhausting week. All kinds of memories made.  So many drinks, so much food. We did some touristy stuff, visited a museum, and went to some local dives suggested by our friend. 

We met some wonderful people!

We learned the locals are very loyal to their city.

We also got to see some of the areas most impacted by Katrina and the new lives many were forced to live. That stuff wasn't lost on us.

We'll always have a special place in our hearts for New Orleans.

When I see the places we visited showing up in my Facebook timeline, I take comfort in knowing we had that week.

I'm grateful for that time we had together exploring, laughing, walking, holding hands... pure joy.

Who knows... maybe one day we'll get back.


"The type of human we prefer reveals the contours of our heart."
-- Ortega Y. Gasset

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tweets From Strangers

Twitter is such an interestingly wonderful place. 

You get to follow your favorite people on the planet, including celebs. You feel like you're best buds, even though you're so not.

You get to follow the happenings of people who do wonderful things who are like 40 states away. People you admire, but probably never will meet. People you know but, sadly, may never see again due to circumstance. People you used to see three times a week, and now maybe once or twice a year. People you see all the time.

I abolutely love Twitter.

Throughout all of this, our friends and family have come through -- times a million That doesn't surprise us. We've always been surrounded by wonderful people.

But, I'm shocked and amazed at the generosity and concern from complete strangers.

I usually send out my blogs through Twitter. Sometimes it gets shared in circles that extend nationally and even globally.

These are just some of the tweets have come back to me... people I don't even know!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

read your whole blog last night. Cried. Then felt so grateful for healthy husband and children. Praying for you 2, what a gift u r 
Thnx for the follow! I had a moment to read your powerful story. What a Legacy you 2 are *living.* I am truly and
You are a strong couple. I know good things will be there for you both in the future... // I just knew this was a very personal blog, but-- after going back & reading your husband's story-- a must share.
I am in tears reading your love letter to your husband...amazing your journey in one year!

Trent Acker@trentacker
this was awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Humans can be so great.