A New Friend

My therapist thinks I'm an extrovert.

I was shocked by this revelation. I've always liked staying home, in my safety bubble, with my journal, and my clean house and my stuff.

I sometimes get weirded out when meeting new people. Crowds can intimidate me.

I had self-diagnosed myself as an introvert years ago... you know... with one of those magazine quizzes.  So scientific and official, right?

So when Doc told me she thought I was an extrovert I stopped her mid-sentence.

"What? Really?"

She said the psychologist's definition of an extrovert is different than the pop culture version. She went on to explain that an extrovert is someone that thrives around others. Gets their "batteries recharged from being around others." 

Batteries recharged? Cheeseball therapist talk. But I get it.

She noticed a pattern of me getting more sad when I'm alone. She gave me several homework assignments.

One of which was to meet people.

Well crap.

That's not easy. That's not easy in Atlanta. That's not easy when I'm sometimes weirded out around strangers.

I mean, what do I tell people?

"Hey... my therapist tells me I need to meet people. You wanna get a drink?"  Ew.

So when I met Kristy, I was relieved.

She attends the same tennis drills I do several times a week. We talked a few times and when I said that we should do something, sometime -- she lit up.  She was willing!

Annnnnd... she's normal. Not all Real Housewivy of Atlantaish.

So we had a drink after tennis drills last night. 

I texted Jimmy that I was having a drink with the tennis girl I had met.  He knew I was trying to be more social.

After we ordered our drinks, she asked me why I moved to Atlanta a year ago.

I told her everything.

I could see the empathy (and tears) in her eyes at the end of my story.

She said she had a sad story, too.

She told me she had a baby in June and that baby, Gabrielle, died.

She told me she also had a miscarriage last month.

On top of that, her husband's brother died of Leukemia late last year.

Holy hell.

And so when she said she couldn't understand why she was still so sad, I was shocked.

Her traumas are really, really recent.  How could she not be sad?  Lord knows I still get sad over a year later, and I didn't experience death.

She, like me, is seeing a therapist. She doesn't love it as much as I do, but I didn't love it in the beginning, either (Her therapist told her to meet people, as well).

I'm realizing I've changed since Jimmy's accident. I'm much more prepared in similar, sad, upsetting situations. I seem to connect better with people who have gone through hardships, or are currently going through hardships.

But at the same time, I can have issues dealing with high-stress, everyday situations. Negativity is something I cannot handle so well anymore.

With that said, I think meeting Kristy was a good thing.

I think we are going to help each other immensely through our... stuff.

Now for the next homework assignment via my therapist: wearing brighter colors...


  1. Wow! You just never know who you're going to meet and where they're coming from. I wish you the best of luck with your new friend (and meeting even more!). Anddd, if you need help wearing those bright colors, you know who to call! :)

  2. Great story Jaimie. Glad to see you've found a good pal out there.


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